Do you want to be Social Media famous?

Do you want to be Social Media famous?

You start your day checking your social media accounts?

Do you keep track of number of people who are following you, like your posts and watch your stories?

You refresh your YouTube video every 5 minutes to see how many views it has generated?

You ghost follow big social media accounts to copy all their hashtags?

Congratulations, you are a social media freak.


Every social media freak, like you, desires to have an engaging social media account, active audience and participants. In literal terms, internet citizens should go crazy for your every post and make you a viral star.

Making things look great and engaging on social media is an incredible thought and (cross your heart) requires a lot of efforts, creativity along with a solid strategy. So all those out there, who want to make it look big on social media should ready to do the workout it requires.

The Golden Tips to be famous on Social Media.

Growing on social media takes time, but your consistency serves its delight.

Embrace who you are sounds cliché but it is true.  A Lot of noises out there who just want to be a social media star, “Social Media Celebrity” just like the cliché line in our Hindi cinema movies “Mumbai hero ban’ne aya hu” . Getting fame in Bollywood industry is quite directional because one has an idea about it but if you are a social media celebrity then what is your goal of being famous in social media? Is it just the fame?  Do you have any idea about the other opportunities in the vicinity? What will be the shelf life of your work on social media?

Living with fame on social media is one thing. If you are passionate about your work then it will not be just another 9 to 5 job, rather it can be more than a way to earn a living. It can bring you success along with fame. Being passionate about your work is important and there’s no easy way other than being honest to your work and yourself.

Breakthroughs are not spontaneous. Breakthroughs don’t bring the change. Microhabits do.

Have a look at this handbook for 20 microhabits to change your social media game. 

To sum up

  1. Show your unique side (be unique .. be you).
  2. Entertain your audience.
  3. Put up the quality content.
  4. Listen what your follower count and the follower interactions are telling you.
  5. Maintain a relationship and collaborate with your counterparts.
  6. Learn to market yourself.
  7. Dedicate to your social media start persona.

Here comes the only one advice you need to hear.

There is a lot of content already available on social media. In case you don’t agree, you are far far from being famous on social media.

If you say

“I want to make comedy videos”

“I want to make people laugh”

“I want to build a business”

“I want to be a famous blogger”

This is all cool, as an audience or a follower, we would love to see this in your content, not to hear it from you or on your bio.

Show (and not say) why they should come back.

People will appreciate your work and come back for more when you create raw and organic content. Picking up some repeated content from social media is not a great idea at all, everyone is eyeing on the trending things and replicating them with minimal changes. Picking up the most trending things, is not defined as curating your feed.

If your goal and intent are to be noticed, then produce the original content. It is the only way to connect directly with the audience. This type of content will come from you naturally, it will be personified by you, thus it won’t take much time to ’create’ and will be super super organic.

When you watch videos of other bloggers and viners you unintentionally replicate the work in context with the content you consume.  💡 Try to produce something you experience from within and explore, which has the rawness along with the authenticity. Make your content about yourself it will help you to generate more audience. This will be more helpful for people to know about you and also for you to generate an organic impactful fan following.

Make your content reflect who you are instead of enacting as someone else. Because if one comes up enacting as someone else, sooner or later it will show up! Do your own thing with your reflection and authenticity, and let your content spread the aura in trend.

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So, still wanted to be famous on Social Media? Ready for the authentic hard work it requires?

If yes, then all the best. Do not forget to share your content with us, we would love to connect with you and see you shine.

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