Top 9 Social Media Marketing practices in 2019

Not getting the results, try these top 9 Social Media Marketing Best Practices.

This is 2019 and not 2012 when you were just creating content and getting famous. What has worked even in 2017 won’t work now. It doesn’t matter that you are into an online business or run a shop with customers limited to your locality.  You could be established in metro smart cities or establishing in tier 2 or 3 cities.

Social Media is expanding and it should not hurt playing around with trends to be in the game with a winning strategy.  There are no carved rules or a successful formula, just some stats, few case studies and loads of creativity to work for the end results.

Buckle up for 2019, the practices can really make you uncomfortable. There is so much more learn and practice.

Practice 1:  Storytelling through stories

Surprise Surprise! Snapchat started stories almost 5 years back. It’s been about  2 years that Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp launched their stories feature (status for whatsapp).  In case you still believe stories for a brand is nah.. or it’s just for teenagers, you need to have a cup of coffee and wake up. You could be missing out on significant business opportunities. Stories are more intimate and personal. To tell the real story going all bare there is by far the most engaging platform. Stories make things transparent and build more trust.


1. 300 million users use the stories feature daily.
2. 36% of the brands promote their products on their stories.
3.  22% of the brands give an inside look to their audience.
4. 14% brands prefer influencers to take over their stories.
5. 10% businesses cover their event live on stories.
6.  5% businesses show “how to” content
7. 59% of the stories swipe up ends on the shoppable page.
8. 94% of smartphone users watch stories vertically.
9.  15-25% of story viewers swipe up to follow a link and engage directly with a business website.


1. Facebook Stories are growing 15x than the news feed.
2. More than 150 million daily active users on Facebook stories.
3. Popular 3rd party apps eg Spotify, SoundCloud, and GoPro are directly integrating with Facebook stories.

If Stories are used correctly, it can be used to you can build your brand’s identity, attract new followers and encourage more sales. Looking at the stats, it is possible that the trend of story-content would dominate the feed content and content creator would work more on the content of stories.

Practice 2: Personal Branding + Work on the long form of content

Masses on social media are now quite active and super interactive – recall all the trolls and protests (eg MeToo) that made headlines this year! The trend is to more humanize the brand/business page.  People like to feel connected and be treated like the same way. Personal Branding can’t be more critical ever than it is today. Personifying your business brand can be the second best decision. The long form of content conveys the message better, deeper fostering that special bond with your audience.  Sounds cheesy? This is what could be required to build relationships with your audience.

Fact, long form of content generates more queries.

Practice 3:  Instagram Feed algorithm

Remember the time when Facebook got the fire from the users for showing more and more advertisement rather than updates from their friends and the favorite brands.  The annoyed users found solace and thrill on Instagram.  Now, since Instagram is also promoting its “promote” feature on both feed and stories the users are getting disappointed.  There will be more advertisement and much less relevant content making people follow only those brands they want to. In order to not be burnt by the algorithm, it will be wise to use Instagram feed only for value addition posts and keeping everything filler for the stories.

Practice 4: Be everywhere

The more channels you use, the better off you will be. We know so many marketing gurus emphasize on using selected platforms for a specific purpose only and not to be on all channels and burn your energy. We at SillySense believe it’s partially true.You just can’t have a website and operate through the Facebook page! Today for your business you very much need a blog as well as a video on YouTube and a podcast. You have to release bite-sized information on stories for the younger audience.  You need SEO, PPC, Email list,  Banner ads, collaborations, influencers and growth hacking. These all activities work independently but favorable results (read ROI) comes when they all perform together as a team. Imagine all superheroes coming together for Avengers: End of war game.So in 2019, you got to have a heavy functional marketing family.


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Practice 5: Voice Search

More than 70% searches on Google are through smartphones. This is expected that more than half of these searches in 2020 will be through voice search. Currently, 2 out of every 5 adults are using voice search.Many may argue that Amazon Alexa or Google Home are not so popular and it will take some time for masses to afford the gadgets.  True. It might take time. But the google voice search inbuilt in-app is going stronger and stronger. The company is educating people how to use it through major TVC campaigns.

How to be ready for Voice Search clicks? Your website should

a) be on HTTPS
b) load fast
c) have long tail keywords
d) have answers short and to the point

Practice 6: Conversion Optimization

The advertisement is getting expensive and this won’t come down for sure.  It is becoming difficult to bring traffic to your website. So when you succeed in getting people to reach your page, make sure it is optimized to convert the lead into a deal. There are tools which can help to squeeze in the maximum conversions. Try collecting the email ids or phone numbers. I know this is not sexy and sounds like an old school, but if you don’t do it now over the years your cost to reach out to them will go higher and higher.  Your funds will burn faster than your competitors.

Practice 7: Leverage Funnels

Talking about ROI all this while? Then this is the time to track everything from a visitor to a converted customer.  ‘Hey! I have got the coolest pair of shoes you should have this season‘ – This is not going to work now. You need to track the effort required to bring them on board and make them buy your product. More importantly how much it requires to make them a purchase again.

These parameters should be on top of your mind.

a) Up Sales
b) Down Sales
c) Cross Sales
d) Lifetime value of a Customer
e) Churn

Practice 8:  Content Marketing

Content marketing is not wash- rinse – repeat. Every time you make search all you see a large number of blogs on the same topic giving the same information.  Unless you have something to blog that no one has heard of, you seriously need to see your marketing strategy.
Creating video content is an investment.  We have established that here –  Not leveraging videos yet. On any given social media platform – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Live streams, stories etc, videos are going viral. Each platform is offering you not less than 3 times more views than any graphical or blog links.

Practice 9: Podcasting will take over in 2019.

This is already a trend in western countries. It’s just a matter of time that Indian brands will shine over with an impressive marketing strategy. If you do not find yourself to ideal Tik Tok personality then you are not alone, there are millions of people who prefer to listen and make up their mind. That is your audience. They are using their phone and have time while commuting. Be their friend.

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