Top 5 reasons why no one follows you on social media. #growgrambygram


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How is social media treating you these days?

We have a closed Marketing Make Sense group of few hundred entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, freelancers and enthusiasts who want to use social media as an impactful marketing tool for growing their business. One query we get so frequently is:

How to get more subscribers to my YouTube channel?
How to get more followers on my Instagram?
How to increase (the already non-existing traffic) on my website through Social Media?
Why no one follow on social media?

The answer to these questions is not in what to do more to make it happen, but in what not to do anymore that are not making you do well.  Check, if you are making these 5 mistakes that no one follows you on social media.

Reason 1: Posting content too often.

People active on social media are increasing. The time spent on the platforms are increasing, we have Instagram and Facebook apps telling us how much time we are hooked on to them. Everything is increasing but the reach and engagement are on the downside.

To touch base more most of you start posting more not realizing if it is too much. Putting any random copy paste thing from archives or stuff taken from the Internet with the only objective to be more visible and get traffic is actually hampering your marketing strategy. The last thing you want to do is to annoy your followers and come across as spammy.

One has to live under the rock to be aspirational about social media but need an introduction to Gary Vaynerchuck. He is advocating 100 content pieces a day. Which we tried and seen the results on positive side too. Increasing the content pieces comes with a unsaid demand of giving away more value.

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Facebook is still the leading social media platform.
a) If you own a big page with more than 10,000 likes, you can post 2 times a day.
b) Most of the pages are smaller with few 100s to a few 1000s likes. This is the major chunk, posting only once a day should be a rule here.


The big baby everyone is struggling to control, Instagram is indeed a big deal when it comes to brand building and marketing.
Instagram is more about consistency than posting more. Having no more than 2 good quality content daily can cut the deal. Posting more can actually earn more unfollows. In our casual social media audits on random accounts, we have seen them posting 8 to 30 posts a day! Asking for too much attention, we guess. Just in case if you have more content, stories is a place.

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Every second 6000 tweets get sent out, that is more than 500 million tweets per day. Unless you don’t want to add more to the nest and be lost in the hay, tweet only 10-15 times day. Avoid posting the same content more than once at the same time. Twitter algorithms are pretty active these days our account can be suspended or banned without any notice.



Pinterest is all about visual content and well able to attract like-minded people with similar interests. The key with Pinterest is to be regular whether posting new content, pinning, creating a board or even following new feeds. The Pinterest platform is demanding that it wants you to come back every single day.
You can post multiple times a day but avoid posting all at once.

A bonus tip for Pinterest,
“If you are promoting content for an event or festivals try posting at least 45 days before. “

You can thank us in comments.


The platform for professionals and all B2B marketers doesn’t ask much. When posting on Linkedin, make the message little customized and office friendly. Linkedin requires quality posts at least 15 – 20 times a month.

Reason 2 – Posting average content.

Now that we have established that we will be posting less, thus we can focus on creating quality content. Content should connect with your audience, tell your message and make them engage with you. They won’t engage if they don’t like your content.
Put yourself in the audience shoes, if you will not spend time in going through each content or share with your friends on your own without any obligation then whatever you are posting will not probably make it.

Note: If you are putting your best and producing high-quality content and still not getting engagement, write to us below in comments we would be delighted to have a look at it.

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Reason 3: You are not posting Videos.

Pick any social media platform – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Live streams, stories etc they all are going crazy in leveraging videos. They want you to upload content in video, gifs or animation format. The engagement you get on videos is more than 3 times the graphical content or a text update.

Heard about TikTok? So many “serious” considered brands are now moving towards Tik Tok.  (Find us on TikTok @SillySense, say hello and mention from where you came!)

Tip: You can always cross promote your content.


Reason 4: Not engaging or entering the party late.

Aha, it’s the time to correct all the wrongdoings or the non-doings you were indulged in. Posting your content and leaving the app is damaging. Interact with your community, distribute the content well and bring in engagement in the very first hour of publishing it. Social Media content has a short life span, directly opposite to the SEO content that can go around for years.
Algorithms read the relevance and popularity of the content through engagement when they sense it is important they work to show it to more people.

Use emails, push notifications, share it to more people on whatsapp, put some serious effort here for over 30 or 60 days and see the difference on your feed and insights.

Reason 5: Playing games like follow -unfollow.

Enough of follow-unfollow, maintaining pods or leaving the content on the shoulders of ‘boost’ button. Dive deeper and engage genuinely with your audience. We can’t stress it enough. It’s Social Media the secret sauce if you have still missed it, is being Social.



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You really have to make an effort to attain the output you desire. The top 5 reasons why no one follows you on social media are the simple mistakes you have been overlooking all this while. It’s still not late, start getting social in real time and everything will be fine.

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