Top 5 feature requests on WhatsApp and 5 new upcoming features in 2019

Whatsapp has been a BFF for most of us. Either we use it for our personal chit-chatting or we build an entire communication channel through groups for our work. Whatsapp is our stable bet!

It is still ruling all the charts for the most popular app on entire smartphone, tablets and web universe. They are coming up with a few new features in 2019 that would be rolled out you as well.
Just scrolling through the news feed we found out some really cool new features list that we thought might interest you.

Feature 1: Fingerprint

Privacy on Personal chats is something that everybody wants. Screenlock, app lock etc is all there but an extra layer of protection won’t hurt. Shhh.. things can be too personal and too dangerous if get exposed.
WhatsApp has its own security measures in which it gives an option to secure your WhatsApp with a pattern. Soon it will provide us with an option of fingerprint security. Ah, and you don’t worry thinking about what if it doesn’t work, in case your fingerprint fails to match due to some reasons you always have an option to enter your WhatsApp by entering your phone’s screen lock pattern.

Feature 2: Dark Mode

A much wanted for all night owls, who prefer to push all the communications at night so that they can focus on their day.
WhatsApp’s new feature will be about selecting a dark theme, not only to just look cool but also to give your eyes a little less strain and a bit more relaxation. The dark background on the screen will also help you to save much battery and won’t be the cause of your headaches.

Feature 3: Consecutive Voice Messages

Are you more of a verbal person who prefers talking over typing? And you get annoyed when playing all the bite-sized voice messages one after the other?
WhatsApp has got a gift for you. It is the end of the extra tasks that you have to do .. take your finger to the screen and hit play again and again.
After this update, all you have to do is to press the play button of the voice notes and you can listen to them in a row one by one. All the consecutive voice notes just by pressing the one and rest of the following will be played by themselves. A real life changing update, isn’t it? Tell us in comments how much you wished for it.

Feature 4: Media Preview

A new message received and previews say “Image”, that’s all.
Now you have to open the whole app and see if it is your interest or not? When the new set of features will roll out, you can then see the preview on your notification window and you can ignore it at your convenience.

Feature 5: Contact Ranking

WhatsApp presented the Picture-in-Picture mode in 2019 for playing videos. The element enabled users to see shared recordings from YouTube and Facebook specifically in the application on a little coasting window. Clients could talk out of sight while getting a charge out of the video all the while. This year, any outsider video as mp4 documents shared by clients will have the capacity to use this component also.

Thank you WhatsApp for the above-mentioned updates we will be eager to try them once they are out. We have requests of our own and need your attention. It’s been such a long time using the app that we need some more features available like ASAP! We promise we are only requesting features based on their utility.

Top 5 feature requests on WhatsApp in 2019

Request 1: Groups Tab

WhatsApp is heavily used for chats, calls and status updates thus these are available on the upper tabs of the application.
There are more than 1 billion WhatsApp groups. On average an active WhatsApp user must be a part of 10 groups. We believe it’s time WhatsApp should have the 4th tab on top for “Groups”

Request 2: Bio should be clickable

Thank you for making links work in status, if WhatsApp Profile bio can be clickable it will be great. We don’t see it will create any chaos or spam on the network.

Request 3: No addition info for Multiple Messages Select – Copy – Paste

Recall that friend who talks through multiple messages. Hitting enter is their favourite hobby. Now, if you have to copy them all, additional information like name of the contact you saved, phone number and time stamp also get copied. It is an additional task to go and delete extra info from every message copied.
This is a real problem than playing consecutive voice messages or previewing media in the notification window.

Request 4: Seeking permission from the user before joining the grouP

Though WhatsApp groups are powerful the biggest fall back is as a user we are intimated about joining the group when someone already has added us. Seeking permission from us a user can be so stressfree and save us from unsolicited messaging.

Request 5: Selective Read Receipts

We turn off our read receipts in order to save ourselves from “why you haven’t replied yet” drama. Clearly, it is difficult to explain to the masses that we are not obliged to respond to all messages right then and there. The problem with turning them off is we don’t get to know who has seen our status update which is actually available for public (people who are not added in the contacts).
A selective read receipt option will be a saviour.

Let us know what are your requests from WhatsApp in the comments below. In case you agree with ours please share with your friends, who knows we might reach the right people who can make it happen.




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