This was not cool with Amul

This was not so Cool with Amul

Imagine coming across your fake account.
Angry, are you?

Now imagine that fake account asking people money lakhs of rupees, in tour name.
Feels Nightmare?

This won’t look as much scary as it is for Amul.
Yes, our own beloved Amul, Taste of India is under stress for a fraud case happened due to identity theft.

Thankfully you haven’t seen such nightmare, unlike those people who were trapped in the web of Fake Amul Distributorship. What was it? Let’s explore.

Amul is a popular trusted brand, a successful business represented and adored by the girl who refuses to age. Some malicious minded people took the advantage and allegedly planned a fraud against Amul.

According to Amul, a disturbing element, which has still not been found out whether an individual or any company, had a thought to run a paid advertisement on Google based on keywords like, ‘Amul Franchisee’, ‘Amul Parlor’ and ‘Amul Distributor’. Many people fell in this trap, assuming that the ad shown was running by our own trusted Amul. When a person clicks on the ad, the link takes them to a fake website claiming to be Amul. The website has a sale page that asks people to fill a registration form.

Once the ‘lead was generated’ by the scammers, they give a call to the person and ask to deposit amount ranging from 25,000/- to 3 Lakh/- in various bank accounts. Believing this was Amul and it will be a good investment, people did. Not one but many fell in this trap.

Amul has sent a legal notice to Google stating this issue of Fraudulent Amul Franchise Advertisements. Seeking a full stop on this fraud. Apart from contacting Google India Amul also filed a complaint in the Police Department. According to the news reported by Economic Times, Amul has reported their concern to Google back in September 2018.

The Internet is powerful and so is the art of disguise. We at SillySense will request you to be aware of frauds happening and suggest to do your due diligence before paying or committing to anyone on the internet.


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