I MADE A ZILLIONS  DOLLARS 💸 IN A DAY!” <— *shut the crap up*

I am a SillySense girl.

I actually met someone the other day from someone who thought I just live and breathe social media. The believe that this universe is my default habitat.

She said it looked like I’d just started to show up on facebook and then I am there on linkedin, instagram and twitter. It looks like a wildfire success. And I must be a digital star.

Umm… I didn’t.

What she couldn’t see was the very first blog I started back in 2007 or a tweet from 2009.

12 years ago I ventured into writing for to keep thoughts out of my system. On web, mostly for documenting my journey as a professional analyst, vaguely aware that people stick to read things that can entertain them more than they can help.

I made ~INR 5000 writing blogs (on my site) back in 2009 before I had even signed up on Facebook. (Thrilling I know).


Then Android phones discovered me in 2012. The social media apps were accessible through my small phone. The more I share things, my experiences and lessons I have learnt. The more my blog became a “business”. (I realized that, couple of years later). I saw my seniors, reaching out for PR and media help. I was the goto person to create buzz through social network and emails.Luckily I was the emcee to most of the events too.

Throughout all of that, I was dipping my toes in the transformation that was necessary for ME to be able to accept and receive success. An entirely different the world is commuting. I was transitioning from a Business Analyst to Social Media Marketer.

Content Stories were always my strong hand.

Just imagine from Tracebility matrix, impact analysis, workflows to content calendars, lead generations and sales funnels.

Then in 2014 I transitioned into full fledged digital marketing professional. Attending conferences, meeting gurus and learning every little piece of that can matter. I needed to BE to achieve and receive success.

3 years later, I learned and was confident enough to plunge into an agency business. Voila, @SillySense was born and started full time operations.

What that person couldn’t see from a few scrolls of my social media feed is that it’s taken me 12 YEARS of dismantling old beliefs & patterns and recreating my identity in order to see sustainable growth in my biz, call in the right clients and be in direction to do the things I wanted to do.

It’s taken me 12 years to develop the confidence and certainty in myself to make this possible. And that social media is now my way of life.

I couldn’t accomplish all that I have until I was ready and it become the part of me. It wasn’t a lack of strategy or ideas that held me back – it was ME and MY habits.

What you need to know is this → Don’t get discouraged by someone else’s “overnight success”. It was most likely a long time in the making. The time that they build a system for themselves. deep rooted in their routines through habits.

It’s the most essential piece & the thing that’ll shorten your timeline the most 💌

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~ Saakshi

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