How a photographer can find new clients through Unsplash – Case Study

Pure talent and passion can’t find recognization alone, there is a struggle to shine through social media algorithms. Here is a success story ON HOW A Photographer CAN finD new clients through Unsplash.


Today the growth is setting new speed records. We have artificial intelligence, machine learning and automated bots to take your business to the next level. The market is volatile like never before. The world is a small place, thanks to technology and communication advancements. You might be a sole freelancer and still be competing for digital attention with corporate giants.

The online world is an approachable place, all you have to do is to be seen or discoverable.


Getting new customers (the growth) is a tricky task. If you think deep, it is actually “buying” new customers. There is a price you’re paying to add more shoppers, it can be in terms of time or money.

If you search on internet ‘How can I get more clients for my business’, you will find the following tips:

  •  Advertise.
  • Network and bring referrals
  • Collaborations and associations
  •  Invest in SEO,  social media presence and email lists

Those 21 or 100 ways lists to get new clients are basically an expansion of above points. The work is endless and here you need to make a better decision – how, where to spend your resources.

How a photographer can find new clients through Unsplash – Case Study

For artists and photographers, like Samuel Zeller, whose creative capabilities and innovative vision gave inspirational photography shots, a glance of which almost everyone on the planet could appreciate, the story his success can explain it all.

Samuel is a Swiss freelance photographer currently based in Geneva. His work of photography in the genre of art, urban, architecture, and minimalism, speaks excellence.

Pure talent and passion can’t find recognization alone, there is a struggle to shine through social media algorithms.

It is time to discover more platforms to build your audience which can work as lead magnets. Instagram is exploding all boundaries, one goes there to discover new content and find new talent. The talent doesn’t get easily discoverable. Stock photo sites are where prospective clients are looking for product or work.

Samuel Zeller makes use of Unsplash and uploaded his best work for free. The portfolio was displayed to millions of views. Some of them were used for commercial purposes which could otherwise be sold for top dollar.

Feedback from businesses which require and desire services of this nature would approach the artist with better knowledge of his work direction and calibre. This transparency and clarity, over a free platform, invites the clients to form alliances with, or even hire artists that may suit their needs.

Samuel Zellar profile Stats on Unsplash.

1. He started in 2014 and uploaded a total of 460 images on Unsplash.
2. Total 255 million views on his pictures on Unsplash (stats available till 2018)
3. Total 1.7 million downloads for his pictures stats available till 2018)
4. He got 21 million views per month (677’000 per day) and 93’000 downloads (3000 per day).
5. He got 1 or 2 mentions on Twitter, where people gave him the credit.
6. He regularly gets emails and new backlinks to his website.
7. His first client the biggest bank in Switzerland found him on Unsplash.
8. He worked for many magazines and been an editorial photographer for Fuji-Film X.

Here is a blog by Samuel Zellar on his Unsplash approach on medium.

Average Unsplash photo receives over 600,000 views and 4000 downloads. This is the potential to marketing and scope of self advertisements.

Working on social media accounts daily to gain followers is not going to beat the system and bring clients. As a business, you have to work on a marketing strategy that brings revenue.

The world is a small place and like Samuel, many more uplift their presence and recognition in the market through the means of several social media portals at their disposal. The AAA strategy becomes critical to follow.

What is the AAA strategy?

The AAA strategy is – Advertise, Advocating and Announcing.

If you are putting efforts to be online and desire to “buy” new clients, you need to be more discoverable.


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