Clear History impacts on Facebook Advertisement

Clear History – impacting marketers on Facebook.

Facebook is close to rolling out a long-awaited by users (and long dreaded by marketers) privacy feature. The company has issued a warning to advertisers that improved privacy for users will have at least one key trade-off: Weaker targeting.


Clear History is a privacy feature that will allow people to see and manage their off-Facebook activity. Once the feature will roll out, people (Facebook users) can disconnect their off-Facebook activity. This is not mandatory for everyone. After the Cambridge Analytica issue last year, the company announced to take privacy very seriously and giving users more freedom to control what they are sharing with the world.

Clear History is settings that users can find on their app or web login and chose to disconnect any off-Facebook activity.

Earlier this year they opened the feature which tells user who has uploaded their contact information for ads.


Once a user opts in for Clear History (they disconnect them off -Facebook activity), no one can use their data. For marketers, this statement should be read as – they can’t use their (user’s) data for targeting in ads.


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How Targetting is affected?

Going off-Facebook means disconnecting any data with other apps and websites. This will be inclusive of all the apps and websites that user visits using Facebook business tools like Facebook Pixel, SDK and API. To put this simply,

The targeting options powered by Facebook Pixel and other tools won’t be able to take your ad to the desired users.

The Warning

Facebook issued a warning yesterday. They recommend advertisers to take Clear History update under consideration when planning their advertising strategies for the second half of the year, 2019.

Measurement and analytics reports

Facebook says it doesn’t anticipate any changes to measurement and analytics reports once the Clear History tool has launched. Because the company is not deleting off-platform activity by users — only making it anonymous — that data will still be available for measurement reports.

When is this happening?

Clear History was announced by Mr Zuckerburg himself at F8 developer conference 2018. The facebook recently announced that it will be implemented and roll out in the second half of 2019.



Clear History has the potential to significantly blow marketers. The capacity to build a precise audience for ad targets falls down even if a significant amount of users opt to remove data tracking. We know Facebook will hide the clear history settings and make a treasure hunt of it. But it is still happening.

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