21 ways entrepreneurs can use quarantine time for productivity

21 ways to keep your entrepreneurial spirit high – use quarantine time for productivity

21 things workaholics can do while stuck at their home


As malls, gyms, spas, educational institutes are closed till March 31 in India (and if the situation is not contained then might stay close for an extended period of time). Film releases are postponed, sporting, networking and business events are also postponed. The tourism industry is almost shutdown. Experts are recommending to be in quarantine zone by self – isolation. It looks bad for the economy and sooner or later it will hit back each one of us, doesn’t matter which industry we belong to.

That’s right: It’s advised that you self- quarantine.

It is indeed a good way to safeguard yourselves, your family and others from the coronavirus pandemic and is the most logical step to slow down the spread. 

While health is always on top priority, I believe all of us can use this time instead of fighting boredom or craziness to something productive – which can later bring some business! 


Using quarantine time for productivity 1


Go back to your doodling notes, your task lists and take out the list of pending things that you wanted to do but then ….. ah life happens.

Yeah, that research you wanted to do. I believe this is the best time. 

I have taken my 2014-15 notes, yes that old,  and am working on them. We all have been lazy and busy all this while.


Blogging started in 1994. It is still not too late to start now or to re-start. If you love journaling that will give a good stir to otherwise boring days and checking the news every few minutes. 

In case blogging or writing is not your thing – we have vlog! Document your ideas, your day, your opinions on camera. 

Now, if you are still shy and not ready to face the camera – congratulations we have audio podcasts too. Just record your voice. is by far the best tool available for podcasting. 

Starters Tip: Make your blog/vlog/podcast consumable first rather than making it SEO friendly. You can eventually graduate to that level.

PS: You can talk about anything on your blog/vlog or podcast. It doesn’t necessarily have to be related to your work or a piece of art. It can be simply how you see things! 

What am I doing?

Created a new twitter for just journaling. I am a person of words. I express and I document in words. It will be great to see how the story turns out in 140/280 characters at a time.


If you are running a business or plan to do so in the near future. Then chances are high that you should be the face of it and represent your body of work to a large group of people. 

Public Speaking is an art. If it gives you chills, then practising now is the best thing to do. Write your piece, try delivering it in front of the mirror.  If you stay alone you can practice in front of a mirror or record on the camera. 

After quarantine time, you will be super confident to give it a try in front of a real group of people.

Another variant to it, if you are shy in front of the camera, why not practice it now.  Camera and public speaking are indeed necessary entrepreneurial skills. Think about it. 


Text all your team members, vendors, clients, well-wishers, friends and ‘fans’ with thank you notes. They have been with you when you needed them most, you can do this much! 


Dear business owners, not everything in your business must be going all well. (did I say this loud?)  There must be one area where you know you need to work more or start afresh. This is the time. 

You can use self – quarantine time for productivity  by enhancing your processes, making sure they are efficient as you want it. 


Watch all the movies or read the books that you were wanting or avoiding till now. Of course, you need to subscribe to services like Netflix, Amazon Kindle, Audible etc.

You never know where inspiration strikes in. 


Learn a new art.

Learn a new language.

Learn a new skill. 

Everything is available on Youtube. You can start from there. 


We are all so afraid to slow down. We feel guilty if we take time out just to be. 

Why not just let it be? Just give in. Try slowing down for a while and meditate. 

If you are new to meditation, just search the internet for tutorials or just sit in utter silence, breathe in – breathe out and relax.


Clean and organize your work tools – laptop, mobile phone, office etc.  Anything you don’t have time for during a normal workweek.

The baggage we carry is not just emotional or social it can be digital too.


Exercise to increase your creativity and understand people’s behaviour. 

Example – Put on a movie, daily soap or a web series. Mute the sound. Create your own dialogue.


Colouring books: They’re not just for kids. They are so good for concentration. 


Use this time to reflect. 

What have you accomplished in the last year? 

What goals are you setting for yourself in the next year?

Where things went wrong? What gave the real result?

What next?

Some self introspection can prove to be the missing key for more success. You know what you need to do in this quarantine time for productivity.


Actually, try to reproduce something you see on Pinterest. Probably fail. Try again. Our days can be stuck at home, but beautiful!

Beautiful views bring joy and clarity.


Interview, contact your idols via emails, social media or phone calls. Ask your queries and learn from them. You can make full use of this time by socializing online and branching out.

Most of us are lockdown and glued to our screens. If you haven’t given a thought of creating your own identity (or a brand) then this is the right time. You have an awesome personality and you have a vision, why not now start showing up more and connecting with people online. 

Digital is a new reality.

Digital  is not some parallel universe. You might be running multiple things and it would be great if you can create your own brand along with it. 

We are coming up with a 40 days program to build your own brand and grow it gram by gram. Hop on and sign up for Grow Gram by Gram and take your online persona very – very seriously.  


Review the  movies, books, shows you are indulging in and share your learnings, as in “10 things I learned as an Entrepreneur from Money Heist” . 

(Shh, another way of self-branding) 


Work on your financial planning, such as exploring whether you should revamp your business model or invest in new things. The economic slowdown is temporary. Things will be better and back on track soon. 


Write a book. A great branding exercise. 

A book can take 2-3 months for a newbie to finish. Perfect time to start one.

  1. TAXES

Stop procrastinating and do taxes. Financial year is just ending


Probably your work is what drives you to wake up every morning with a purpose in your head, but do you have something to drive you to explore new paths and probably discover yourself? Compare the list of all the things that inspired you till today and how you are living your life. Time to put a question mark, if you dare to.

Next time when you get a writers block / designers block / creators block / sales block or any other block in your universe you are better prepared with workarounds and fillers to let go that phase.  A block should not be a show stopper. Thus this self isolation – quarantine time for productivity is an investment.


Consider donating or helping authorities or communities to help people struggling with coronavirus. 

  1. SLEEP 

You might be sleeping more than your peers but you won’t be sleeping well. Stress and hectic schedules just don’t allow it.  So get into a healthy sleep cycle and make it a routine this quarantine time for productivity.

Sleep. Get lots of it.

Do you know we are the only mammals that willingly delay sleep?

Using quarantine time for productivity 2

Picture: That’s me in nearly empty office with at least people behind the camera. We are all work from home now and connected with each other digitally. As I say digital is new real, let’s make it a part of our lifestyle and give it power to uplift ourselves.

Some of you may have the privilege to work from home, some may not. The above list, I believe will help everyone who has little more free time now. 

Together we can fight this pandemic, in isolation. 

And, can come out from our homes as a better version of self. 



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