Weight Wise Revolution by Dr Anu Gupta : Kindle Weight Loss Book (Grab the offer)

Update June 12, 2016
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We all are guilty of not being happy with our weight gain and many times keep searching weight loss techniques. This whole world is full of confusing weight loss researches, conclusions and sadly food products are manufactured as market friendly not health friendly.


Work Wise Resolution by Dr Anu Gupta

Work Wise Resolution by Dr Anu Gupta (click on image to grab this book)

Dr Anu Gupta is a Consultant Radiologist, coach, author, speaker, workshop leader and a new mom to a 10 months old angel has herself struggled al her life losing over 40 pounds. She has encapsulate all her experience in this books with a complementary workbook. She ensures that you can permanently lose weight without boring diets, calorie counting maths, over promising drugs on internet and painful gym routines.


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