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  • How a photographer can find new clients through Unsplash – Case Study

    Pure talent and passion can’t find recognization alone, there is a struggle to shine through social media algorithms. Here is a success story ON HOW A Photographer CAN finD new clients through Unsplash.


    Today the growth is setting new speed records. We have artificial intelligence, machine learning and automated bots to take your business to the next level. The market is volatile like never before. The world is a small place, thanks to technology and communication advancements. You might be a sole freelancer and still be competing for digital attention with corporate giants.

    The online world is an approachable place, all you have to do is to be seen or discoverable.


    Getting new customers (the growth) is a tricky task. If you think deep, it is actually “buying” new customers. There is a price you’re paying to add more shoppers, it can be in terms of time or money.

    If you search on internet ‘How can I get more clients for my business’, you will find the following tips:

    •  Advertise.
    • Network and bring referrals
    • Collaborations and associations
    •  Invest in SEO,  social media presence and email lists

    Those 21 or 100 ways lists to get new clients are basically an expansion of above points. The work is endless and here you need to make a better decision – how, where to spend your resources.

    How a photographer can find new clients through Unsplash – Case Study

    For artists and photographers, like Samuel Zeller, whose creative capabilities and innovative vision gave inspirational photography shots, a glance of which almost everyone on the planet could appreciate, the story his success can explain it all.

    Samuel is a Swiss freelance photographer currently based in Geneva. His work of photography in the genre of art, urban, architecture, and minimalism, speaks excellence.

    Pure talent and passion can’t find recognization alone, there is a struggle to shine through social media algorithms.

    It is time to discover more platforms to build your audience which can work as lead magnets. Instagram is exploding all boundaries, one goes there to discover new content and find new talent. The talent doesn’t get easily discoverable. Stock photo sites are where prospective clients are looking for product or work.

    Samuel Zeller makes use of Unsplash and uploaded his best work for free. The portfolio was displayed to millions of views. Some of them were used for commercial purposes which could otherwise be sold for top dollar.

    Feedback from businesses which require and desire services of this nature would approach the artist with better knowledge of his work direction and calibre. This transparency and clarity, over a free platform, invites the clients to form alliances with, or even hire artists that may suit their needs.

    Samuel Zellar profile Stats on Unsplash.

    1. He started in 2014 and uploaded a total of 460 images on Unsplash.
    2. Total 255 million views on his pictures on Unsplash (stats available till 2018)
    3. Total 1.7 million downloads for his pictures stats available till 2018)
    4. He got 21 million views per month (677’000 per day) and 93’000 downloads (3000 per day).
    5. He got 1 or 2 mentions on Twitter, where people gave him the credit.
    6. He regularly gets emails and new backlinks to his website.
    7. His first client the biggest bank in Switzerland found him on Unsplash.
    8. He worked for many magazines and been an editorial photographer for Fuji-Film X.

    Here is a blog by Samuel Zellar on his Unsplash approach on medium.

    Average Unsplash photo receives over 600,000 views and 4000 downloads. This is the potential to marketing and scope of self advertisements.

    Working on social media accounts daily to gain followers is not going to beat the system and bring clients. As a business, you have to work on a marketing strategy that brings revenue.

    The world is a small place and like Samuel, many more uplift their presence and recognition in the market through the means of several social media portals at their disposal. The AAA strategy becomes critical to follow.

    What is the AAA strategy?

    The AAA strategy is – Advertise, Advocating and Announcing.

    If you are putting efforts to be online and desire to “buy” new clients, you need to be more discoverable.


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    Want to learn more, suggest case studies / ask questions in comments.



  • This startup waited for 6 years to offer free version – Grammarly success story





    Start-ups today look for growth and expansion in the least amount of time possible. The most common tactic that everyone use (we can bet!) is by offering the free service to increase their user base. Business gurus believe in making users get the hang of their product or service by cheap – viral offers. Once they get used to it they eventually convert into their paid customers. Many have succeeded with this formula though.

     Some facts about Grammarly first:

    1. Grammarly was launched in 2009.
    2. The company started under the name of SentenceWorks, which they soon abandoned.
    3. This startup waited for 6 years to offer free version for their premium services.
    4. They next waited for 2 years before they took any outside funding.
    5. Grammarly has 20 million daily active users. (In 2015 there were 1 million users.)
    6. The proofreading resources at Grammarly check the content against 250 grammar rules.
    7. Grammarly tops YouTube’s TrueView for Action 2018 leaderboard.
    Achieving 20 million daily active users and $115 million investment led by General Catalyst is a big feat. The Grammarly team placed its focus on one core value – ‘helping people communicate better wherever they write online on a daily basis’.
    When making a marketing pitch if you drop Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) terms into it, the chances of selling the products increases by many folds. These two terms catch the eyeballs and work as a crowd puller. Grammarly team didn’t give these 2 sellable techie terms much footage, rather they began working from the natural language processing and then towards machine learning.
    Customization settings on Grammarly web app

    How it all started?

    If you have anything related to writing, communications, school paper, business document or social media post, you know what Grammarly is and we are pretty sure you have used it. Our first experience of Grammarly was with the free Google Chrome browser extension.
    They started in 2009 with a premium product for Universities. They earned money while improving their product and expanding its consumer market. Before in 2011, when Grammarly decided to go freemium, it was already a successful and profitable with million users.

    Lessons we learned from Grammarly model


    1. Transport your product to where your customers are.

    What normally happens is, companies build the product and assume users will come to them. The focus is on technical capacities rather than meticulously prepared revenue plan.
    What Grammarly focused on building a great product and baked into distribution. They didn’t burn their energies in being the best web application. That would have ended up being an extra layer on top of major giants Microsoft Office and Google Docs. It was easy for these giants to up the game and help people by not making them pay $12 a month for Grammarly services. Grammarly smartly introduced itself as a chrome extension. Now users were checking everything they were writing on the internet.

     2. Compound wins over everything

    Growth Hacking, big launch, fat funding, guerilla marketing they all make good stories. Little do these one time hit stories make a sustainable business. Grammarly used limited online channels, thanks to a small team, for marketing. They made double metrics in customer acquisition and revenue each year. These small incremental wins as they compound over time.

    3. Develop your business model

    This we have established earlier in this article. Many SaaS companies in their intital phase, focus on selling to other startups to spread the word and drive growth. They later move to upmarket for revenue and bigger contracts.
    In total contrast, first sold its premium product, improvise it parallelly and then launched the freemium model to the public.

    Moral of the story

    With a self-funded product, you know that you don’t surplus funds to invest in. You ought to sign up paying customers as soon as possible to avoid burning out.
    The management worked smartly. This startup waited for 6 years to offer free version of their premium services, a perfect strategy to make a sale first, be sustainable and then grow gradually.
    PS: Grammarly app is also available for your smartphones. You can download the app from the store.
    PSS: We wrote this complete blog on Grammarly.
    How dependent you are on Grammarly?
  • Facebook will tell who uploaded your contact information for ads. Why am I seeing this ad?

    Facebook will tell who uploaded your contact information for ads by updating ‘Why I am seeing this ad?’.

    Facebook is making mends and extending its hands to be your friends again.

    Don’t be still mad at it. Facebook has had its share of flak of selling your contact details and making money from it! From the recent news, Facebook is making it easier for you to know how your personal information changes hands for ad targeting. According to TechCrunch it will start from February 28, 2019.

    In the next couple of days, Facebook will be updating the feature ‘Why I am seeing this ad?’ Earlier when you check this feature, the Facebook interface only showed details about the brand that purchased the ad and basic demographic targeting details. Now it will also reveal if anyone has uploaded your contact info that made you see the sales pitch a.k.a ad. Yes, you will know if the source was a retailer or any company who outsourced to gather data.

    Lets. see how are the ads showing up on our feed now. This particular example is for the Facebook product – Workplace.  We simply clicked the three dots on the right corner  and go to the option in the end ‘Why am I seeing this ad?

    Once you click, you will see a screen similar like this:

    The reason we are able to see this ad or it pop-ups on my feed is because of the target audience they set with Interest and Age. Clearly, we are Facebook consumer and we are aged above 25 years residing in India. Now in case you do not want to see any more ads like this, you can anytime go to Options button and select an appropriate option for you.

    In another example here, this ad by some business from the education industry.

    And, if you see here, the reason this ad appears on our feed is that at some point we might have visited their website or an app. They are smart and they have installed Facebook Pixel on their website/app, from where they can target more people through retargeting ads.  Another thing to notice, since the ad is to get admission in an MBA college through GMAT score, the company has calculated the most popular age group who usually applies for their MBA program.

    Yes, we said that Facebook wants to be friends again. It is not as transparent as we all demand it to be, we do think that this is in the right direction. This feature update will not completely stop the misuse, but at least the ad sponsors can get penalized for using your contacts without consent. This will put pressure on companies to think twice before harvesting customer information without permission.

    We will be updating this blog post February 28, once we start getting ads and their source (that we want to catch right!) So stay tuned. In case you need to be posted on the update, leave us a comment, we will send you a direct link.

    Till then, work on your spy powers and simultaneously crack the art of Facebook ad targetting.

    PS: We also have 15 class advance program to learn Facebook Advertisements and building sales funnels that generate revenue for you, instead of drowning your money. To book your class or know more get in touch with us here.


  • Top 9 Social Media Marketing practices in 2019

    Not getting the results, try these top 9 Social Media Marketing Best Practices.

    This is 2019 and not 2012 when you were just creating content and getting famous. What has worked even in 2017 won’t work now. It doesn’t matter that you are into an online business or run a shop with customers limited to your locality.  You could be established in metro smart cities or establishing in tier 2 or 3 cities.

    Social Media is expanding and it should not hurt playing around with trends to be in the game with a winning strategy.  There are no carved rules or a successful formula, just some stats, few case studies and loads of creativity to work for the end results.

    Buckle up for 2019, the practices can really make you uncomfortable. There is so much more learn and practice.

    Practice 1:  Storytelling through stories

    Surprise Surprise! Snapchat started stories almost 5 years back. It’s been about  2 years that Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp launched their stories feature (status for whatsapp).  In case you still believe stories for a brand is nah.. or it’s just for teenagers, you need to have a cup of coffee and wake up. You could be missing out on significant business opportunities. Stories are more intimate and personal. To tell the real story going all bare there is by far the most engaging platform. Stories make things transparent and build more trust.


    1. 300 million users use the stories feature daily.
    2. 36% of the brands promote their products on their stories.
    3.  22% of the brands give an inside look to their audience.
    4. 14% brands prefer influencers to take over their stories.
    5. 10% businesses cover their event live on stories.
    6.  5% businesses show “how to” content
    7. 59% of the stories swipe up ends on the shoppable page.
    8. 94% of smartphone users watch stories vertically.
    9.  15-25% of story viewers swipe up to follow a link and engage directly with a business website.


    1. Facebook Stories are growing 15x than the news feed.
    2. More than 150 million daily active users on Facebook stories.
    3. Popular 3rd party apps eg Spotify, SoundCloud, and GoPro are directly integrating with Facebook stories.

    If Stories are used correctly, it can be used to you can build your brand’s identity, attract new followers and encourage more sales. Looking at the stats, it is possible that the trend of story-content would dominate the feed content and content creator would work more on the content of stories.

    Practice 2: Personal Branding + Work on the long form of content

    Masses on social media are now quite active and super interactive – recall all the trolls and protests (eg MeToo) that made headlines this year! The trend is to more humanize the brand/business page.  People like to feel connected and be treated like the same way. Personal Branding can’t be more critical ever than it is today. Personifying your business brand can be the second best decision. The long form of content conveys the message better, deeper fostering that special bond with your audience.  Sounds cheesy? This is what could be required to build relationships with your audience.

    Fact, long form of content generates more queries.

    Practice 3:  Instagram Feed algorithm

    Remember the time when Facebook got the fire from the users for showing more and more advertisement rather than updates from their friends and the favorite brands.  The annoyed users found solace and thrill on Instagram.  Now, since Instagram is also promoting its “promote” feature on both feed and stories the users are getting disappointed.  There will be more advertisement and much less relevant content making people follow only those brands they want to. In order to not be burnt by the algorithm, it will be wise to use Instagram feed only for value addition posts and keeping everything filler for the stories.

    Practice 4: Be everywhere

    The more channels you use, the better off you will be. We know so many marketing gurus emphasize on using selected platforms for a specific purpose only and not to be on all channels and burn your energy. We at SillySense believe it’s partially true.You just can’t have a website and operate through the Facebook page! Today for your business you very much need a blog as well as a video on YouTube and a podcast. You have to release bite-sized information on stories for the younger audience.  You need SEO, PPC, Email list,  Banner ads, collaborations, influencers and growth hacking. These all activities work independently but favorable results (read ROI) comes when they all perform together as a team. Imagine all superheroes coming together for Avengers: End of war game.So in 2019, you got to have a heavy functional marketing family.


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    Practice 5: Voice Search

    More than 70% searches on Google are through smartphones. This is expected that more than half of these searches in 2020 will be through voice search. Currently, 2 out of every 5 adults are using voice search.Many may argue that Amazon Alexa or Google Home are not so popular and it will take some time for masses to afford the gadgets.  True. It might take time. But the google voice search inbuilt in-app is going stronger and stronger. The company is educating people how to use it through major TVC campaigns.

    How to be ready for Voice Search clicks? Your website should

    a) be on HTTPS
    b) load fast
    c) have long tail keywords
    d) have answers short and to the point

    Practice 6: Conversion Optimization

    The advertisement is getting expensive and this won’t come down for sure.  It is becoming difficult to bring traffic to your website. So when you succeed in getting people to reach your page, make sure it is optimized to convert the lead into a deal. There are tools which can help to squeeze in the maximum conversions. Try collecting the email ids or phone numbers. I know this is not sexy and sounds like an old school, but if you don’t do it now over the years your cost to reach out to them will go higher and higher.  Your funds will burn faster than your competitors.

    Practice 7: Leverage Funnels

    Talking about ROI all this while? Then this is the time to track everything from a visitor to a converted customer.  ‘Hey! I have got the coolest pair of shoes you should have this season‘ – This is not going to work now. You need to track the effort required to bring them on board and make them buy your product. More importantly how much it requires to make them a purchase again.

    These parameters should be on top of your mind.

    a) Up Sales
    b) Down Sales
    c) Cross Sales
    d) Lifetime value of a Customer
    e) Churn

    Practice 8:  Content Marketing

    Content marketing is not wash- rinse – repeat. Every time you make search all you see a large number of blogs on the same topic giving the same information.  Unless you have something to blog that no one has heard of, you seriously need to see your marketing strategy.
    Creating video content is an investment.  We have established that here –  Not leveraging videos yet. On any given social media platform – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Live streams, stories etc, videos are going viral. Each platform is offering you not less than 3 times more views than any graphical or blog links.

    Practice 9: Podcasting will take over in 2019.

    This is already a trend in western countries. It’s just a matter of time that Indian brands will shine over with an impressive marketing strategy. If you do not find yourself to ideal Tik Tok personality then you are not alone, there are millions of people who prefer to listen and make up their mind. That is your audience. They are using their phone and have time while commuting. Be their friend.

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  • Top 5 feature requests on WhatsApp and 5 new upcoming features in 2019

    Whatsapp has been a BFF for most of us. Either we use it for our personal chit-chatting or we build an entire communication channel through groups for our work. Whatsapp is our stable bet!

    It is still ruling all the charts for the most popular app on entire smartphone, tablets and web universe. They are coming up with a few new features in 2019 that would be rolled out you as well.
    Just scrolling through the news feed we found out some really cool new features list that we thought might interest you.

    Feature 1: Fingerprint

    Privacy on Personal chats is something that everybody wants. Screenlock, app lock etc is all there but an extra layer of protection won’t hurt. Shhh.. things can be too personal and too dangerous if get exposed.
    WhatsApp has its own security measures in which it gives an option to secure your WhatsApp with a pattern. Soon it will provide us with an option of fingerprint security. Ah, and you don’t worry thinking about what if it doesn’t work, in case your fingerprint fails to match due to some reasons you always have an option to enter your WhatsApp by entering your phone’s screen lock pattern.

    Feature 2: Dark Mode

    A much wanted for all night owls, who prefer to push all the communications at night so that they can focus on their day.
    WhatsApp’s new feature will be about selecting a dark theme, not only to just look cool but also to give your eyes a little less strain and a bit more relaxation. The dark background on the screen will also help you to save much battery and won’t be the cause of your headaches.

    Feature 3: Consecutive Voice Messages

    Are you more of a verbal person who prefers talking over typing? And you get annoyed when playing all the bite-sized voice messages one after the other?
    WhatsApp has got a gift for you. It is the end of the extra tasks that you have to do .. take your finger to the screen and hit play again and again.
    After this update, all you have to do is to press the play button of the voice notes and you can listen to them in a row one by one. All the consecutive voice notes just by pressing the one and rest of the following will be played by themselves. A real life changing update, isn’t it? Tell us in comments how much you wished for it.

    Feature 4: Media Preview

    A new message received and previews say “Image”, that’s all.
    Now you have to open the whole app and see if it is your interest or not? When the new set of features will roll out, you can then see the preview on your notification window and you can ignore it at your convenience.

    Feature 5: Contact Ranking

    WhatsApp presented the Picture-in-Picture mode in 2019 for playing videos. The element enabled users to see shared recordings from YouTube and Facebook specifically in the application on a little coasting window. Clients could talk out of sight while getting a charge out of the video all the while. This year, any outsider video as mp4 documents shared by clients will have the capacity to use this component also.

    Thank you WhatsApp for the above-mentioned updates we will be eager to try them once they are out. We have requests of our own and need your attention. It’s been such a long time using the app that we need some more features available like ASAP! We promise we are only requesting features based on their utility.

    Top 5 feature requests on WhatsApp in 2019

    Request 1: Groups Tab

    WhatsApp is heavily used for chats, calls and status updates thus these are available on the upper tabs of the application.
    There are more than 1 billion WhatsApp groups. On average an active WhatsApp user must be a part of 10 groups. We believe it’s time WhatsApp should have the 4th tab on top for “Groups”

    Request 2: Bio should be clickable

    Thank you for making links work in status, if WhatsApp Profile bio can be clickable it will be great. We don’t see it will create any chaos or spam on the network.

    Request 3: No addition info for Multiple Messages Select – Copy – Paste

    Recall that friend who talks through multiple messages. Hitting enter is their favourite hobby. Now, if you have to copy them all, additional information like name of the contact you saved, phone number and time stamp also get copied. It is an additional task to go and delete extra info from every message copied.
    This is a real problem than playing consecutive voice messages or previewing media in the notification window.

    Request 4: Seeking permission from the user before joining the grouP

    Though WhatsApp groups are powerful the biggest fall back is as a user we are intimated about joining the group when someone already has added us. Seeking permission from us a user can be so stressfree and save us from unsolicited messaging.

    Request 5: Selective Read Receipts

    We turn off our read receipts in order to save ourselves from “why you haven’t replied yet” drama. Clearly, it is difficult to explain to the masses that we are not obliged to respond to all messages right then and there. The problem with turning them off is we don’t get to know who has seen our status update which is actually available for public (people who are not added in the contacts).
    A selective read receipt option will be a saviour.

    Let us know what are your requests from WhatsApp in the comments below. In case you agree with ours please share with your friends, who knows we might reach the right people who can make it happen.




  • Top 5 reasons why no one follows you on social media


    Hey Fellas,

    How is social media treating you these days?

    We have a closed SMM Tips group of few hundred entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, freelancers and enthusiasts who want to use social media as an impactful marketing tool for growing their business. One query we get so frequently is:

    How to get more subscribers to my YouTube channel?
    How to get more followers on my Instagram?
    How to increase (the already non-existing traffic) on my website through Social Media?
    Why no one follow on social media?

    The answer to these questions is not in what to do more to make it happen, but in what not to do anymore that are not making you do well.  Check, if you are making these 5 mistakes that no one follows you on social media.

    Reason 1: Posting content too often.

    People active on social media are increasing. The time spent on the platforms are increasing, we have Instagram and Facebook apps telling us how much time we are hooked on to them. Everything is increasing but the reach and engagement are on the downside.

    To touch base more most of you start posting more not realizing if it is too much. Putting any random copy paste thing from archives or stuff taken from the Internet with the only objective to be more visible and get traffic is actually hampering your marketing strategy. The last thing you want to do is to annoy your followers and come across as spammy.

    Read More: 6 tips to design your Social Media Marketing Strategy

    Facebook is still the leading social media platform.
    a) If you own a big page with more than 10,000 likes, you can post 2 times a day.
    b) Most of the pages are smaller with few 100s to a few 1000s likes. This is the major chunk, posting only once a day should be a rule here.

    The big baby everyone is struggling to control, Instagram is indeed a big deal when it comes to brand building and marketing.
    Instagram is more about consistency than posting more. Having no more than 2 good quality content daily can cut the deal. Posting more can actually earn more unfollows. In our casual social media audits on random accounts, we have seen them posting 8 to 30 posts a day! Asking for too much attention, we guess. Just in case if you have more content, stories is a place.

    Read More: Optimizing Instagram Business Profile

    Every second 6000 tweets get sent out, that is more than 500 million tweets per day. Unless you don’t want to add more to the nest and be lost in the hay, tweet only 10-15 times day. Avoid posting the same content more than once at the same time. Twitter algorithms are pretty active these days our account can be suspended or banned without any notice.

    via GIPHY

    Pinterest is all about visual content and well able to attract like-minded people with similar interests. The key with Pinterest is to be regular whether posting new content, pinning, creating a board or even following new feeds. The Pinterest platform is demanding that it wants you to come back every single day.
    You can post multiple times a day but avoid posting all at once.

    A bonus tip for Pinterest,
    “If you are promoting content for an event or festivals try posting at least 45 days before. “

    You can thank us in comments.

    The platform for professionals and all B2B marketers doesn’t ask much. When posting on Linkedin, make the message little customized and office friendly. Linkedin requires quality posts at least 15 – 20 times a month.

    Reason 2 – Posting average content

    Now that we have established that we will be posting less, thus we can focus on creating quality content. Content should connect with your audience, tell your message and make them engage with you. They won’t engage if they don’t like your content.
    Put yourself in the audience shoes, if you will not spend time in going through each content or share with your friends on your own without any obligation then whatever you are posting will not probably make it.

    Note: If you are putting your best and producing high-quality content and still not getting engagement, write to us below in comments we would be delighted to have a look at it.

    Read More: How to know which content will help you grow your Social Media Account?

    Reason 3: You are not posting Videos.

    Pick any social media platform – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Live streams, stories etc they all are going crazy in leveraging videos. They want you to upload content in video, gifs or animation format. The engagement you get on videos is more than 3 times the graphical content or a text update.

    via GIPHY

    Reason 4: Not engaging or entering the party late.

    Aha, it’s the time to correct all the wrongdoings or the non-doings you were indulged in. Posting your content and leaving the app is damaging. Interact with your community, distribute the content well and bring in engagement in the very first hour of publishing it. Social Media content has a short life span, directly opposite to the SEO content that can go around for years.
    Algorithms read the relevance and popularity of the content through engagement when they sense it is important they work to show it to more people.

    Use emails, push notifications, share it to more people on whatsapp, put some serious effort here for over 30 or 60 days and see the difference on your feed and insights.

    Reason 5: Playing games like follow -unfollow

    Enough of follow-unfollow, maintaining pods or leaving the content on the shoulders of ‘boost’ button. Dive deeper and engage genuinely with your audience. We can’t stress it enough. It’s Social Media the secret sauce if you have still missed it, is being Social.

    via GIPHY



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    You really have to make an effort to attain the output you desire. The top 5 reasons why no one follows you on social media are the simple mistakes you have been overlooking all this while. It’s still not late, start getting social in real time and everything will be fine.


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  • 5th World Emoji Day – 10 emoji facts you won’t know

    The 5th World Emoji Day

    Yes, world emoji day is a thing and it is today and here are 10 interesting facts about Emoji’s you might not know yet. Share them with your friends and stay cool. Some of the facts mentioned below have links, go test them yourself. 
    Have fun with your time here.
    If you enjoy them comment with your favourite emoji 😍
    1. Emojis existed since 1999 but were made popular since 2012 when Apple released iOS 6.


    2. There is actually a tool which tracks emojis Used in Realtime on Twitter. Don’t believe us? Check yourself


    3. ‘Emoji’ Was Added as a Word to Oxford Dictionaries in 2013


    4. Emoji Swag. Miley Cyrus has some tattoo of the sad cat emoji, though a bit more discrete, located on the inside of her lower lip.


    5. There is a documentary film about the obsession with emojis. It is less than 2 minutes long and was published by


    6. Sony pictures in 2017 released a full feature film ‘The Emoji Movie’ Sadly it was rated 1 star on Rotten Tomatoes.


    7. Emoji usage in marketing messages has increased at an annual growth rate of over 775% since 2016.


    8. There are more than 2,666 official emojis.


    9. The most confused Emoji of all time is 😆


    10. The first smiley face was recently discovered on a 4,000-year-old clay jug in Turkey.


  • 6 tips to design social media strategy

    How are you designing social media strategy for your brand?

    Gone are the days when you could get away with building a social media strategy on the fly. As long as you were present, you were doing more than your competitors–right?

    Well, almost half of 2018 has gone and sadly not much logic applies today. So, if you are still thinking of creating a post (graphic per se) add numerous hashtags, mention some people (to get likes/ shares or comments) and “boost” it for reach, and you will call it social media marketing then you are wrong.
    Your strategy can’t be only about existence !!

    Read More: Do you want to be social media famous?


    More than 1.37 billion people are active on Facebook every month. There are more than 50 million business pages on Facebook. There are 146 million fashion brands on Pinterest. Blogging continues to grow, with over 409 million people viewing more than 23.6 billion pages each month on WordPress alone. 60 hours of videos are uploaded to Youtube every 1 minute. There are 800 million users on Instagram right now. In fact, there are 81 million fake Facebook accounts and over 5% of the twitter accounts are bogus.  (Stats as per )

    The time to only exist on social media has gone long back.

    Your strategy can be to generate engagements or to educate your audience to buy from you. Whichever path you may choose, it is important to attract genuine interactions to make a significant mark in your marketing efforts. This seriously impacts your bottom line. So, when sales team is under less pressure more revenue they will be able to generate.

    Document your goals.
    Design the plan.
    Execute it.

    6 Tips to design your Social Media Strategy

    1. Your Biggest Challenge

    The only way to do social media strategy right is to design in a way that solves your biggest challenge. The content you publish, stories you convey should be actually the answers to solve the biggest challenge of your business or industry. Once you proceed in this direction and design social media activities, soon you will see surprising results in your business with substantial improvement in your Return of Investment (ROI).


    Never take on every social media channel or any free space available as an opportunity to bombard your content. Neither is a good idea nor it is adviced by Social Media Moguls. Too much visibility can burn you back.

    Try to choose the channels that are most important based on your specific goals. Non – spamming is loved and appreciated all over the world!


    As social media marketers and users, we know how difficult is to build a brand and get the attention when there is an ocean full of competition. Hence temptations to put everything across on a single post and making it viral heightens our creativity.

    Pro tip: Avoid over complicating a strategy with too many targets, go to links and objectives. Simplicity can take you a long way. Only one Call to Action.


    Communications cannot be automated. Make an effort to know your target audience. Their demography, language, cultural preference, age group etc. Communication is the key and certainly, you can’t afford to go wrong here.

    Understanding your audience is necessary to learn things like who buys your products, what age group is the toughest to sell and what income level makes up the most of your returning customers? As for social media, it’s just as critical to know your audience.  Talk in the way they want to listen and reply back.


    Vanity metrics like follower count and likes are always good to measure, but does it tell you the whole story of your brand on social media? There is no argument that followers are not buyers. As per Brandwatch, 96% of the people who are talking about you online are not following you.

    Research well and establish the most important number for your business and work on your social media strategy to get it right.


    Research your competitor. No, we are not saying to steal their content or ideas. But learn how they have placed themselves and how is the response. The gold mine is in details. Dig as much as you can.

    Now go build your content. Make it text, screengrabs, boomerangs, graphics, videos or pictures. The content that tells your story and echoes how much your product and customer matters.

    7. BONUS

    In a nut shell, the most important tip to design social media strategy is

    Keep things real.

    Good Luck,


    Continue reading

  • What makes a woman, a woman? #InfertilityNotATaboo

    what-makes-a-woman-a-woman #InfertilityNotATaboo

    What makes a woman, a woman?

    ‘A woman is a human who is generous, full of compassion, affection; possess grace with lots of patience. She has a strong will power.’

    How a man can’t be defined with these characteristics?

    ‘Well yes, but woman is associated with everything that is love.’

    But still, why you call someone a woman?

    ‘Man and a woman have different anatomies. A Woman is called a woman because she creates new life. She gives birth.’

    What if she can’t?

    (poker face, don’t know the answer)

    If she can’t give a birth, she is not a woman?

    (still searching for the answer)

    This week, I put people around me in a situation where they responded in the way, you just read.

    A Woman, or a female of the species, is someone who carries a child in her womb and gives birth. Man or a male who gives sperm for the reproduction process. What if a man or a woman for any given reason is not capable to reproduce?

    Infertility is considered as a taboo. It is as hurting for a man as for a woman. When we are living in a society where it’s a habit of encroaching somebody’s personal problem and brutally trolling them in public that it actually becomes a curse for them, one can imagine how abusive it can go for women.

    Women who are infertile are considered inauspicious and not allowed to perform certain rituals. Many times they are not welcomed at celebrations and festivities in families, in the fear that their presence will bring bad luck to the host family.  Why are infertile men not treated this way? Why no one stops socializing and chuck them out of the society as any infertile woman is subjected to? This is a bizarre thing to not invite a woman who can’t have a baby (and in many cases who doesn’t want to have a baby at that phase of her life) to a baby shower ceremony. A female doesn’t get pregnant or lose her ability to get pregnant by touch or presence of some person in the room or the house!

    The focus here is not to compare as who is treated how, the pain they are going through is same, whether being a man or a woman. It’s a personal issue; problem arises when others start making it a big deal and go on to label the woman as ‘Banjh’

    It’s a personal issue; problem arises when others start making it a big deal and go on to label the woman as ‘Banjh’

    Infertility is a disease

    A human body has many systems that make it function and work properly. Digestive system, Circulatory System, Endocrine system, Exocrine system, Immune system, Skeleton system, Nervous system, Urinary system, Respiratory system and Reproduction system.  If any system does not work the way it is meant to be, we call it as a disability or a disease.

    We take care of blind people, physically handicap, people who are going through depression and various other ailments. Unfortunately, people who have medical problems with their reproduction system are chucked out from the society instead of helping them. I look for a logical reason and found none.

    If a person who is not able to speak, hear or see things due to their disability is not put down as ‘bringing disgrace’ to their family, then how a woman who is not fertile can be cornered like that. Till the time we educate our own society against this prejudice, that infertility is a disease, not a curse, we inadvertently add misery to a woman’s (and in some cases a man’s) life.  These women have already lost their mental peace, confidence, some relationships and a huge amount of money in treatments, isn’t it enough?

    I look for a logical reason and found none.

    A woman’s nightmare

    I met this lady who has just turned 38, some days back. She is married for 6 years and is now in dilemma. She wants to have a baby but at the same time is no rush for now. Her husband is quite okay with this, in fact, they together took this decision. They do not want a baby till last year because of their professional struggle and financial crunch. Now they are trying but not that desperate. Her doubt is, as her biological clock is ticking and if she is not able to conceive, her husband may leave her and marry someone else.

    Theirs is a love marriage. During this sensitive discussion, while she was opening up and sharing her fears and dilemmas, I was thinking it’s all in her head and nothing of this intensity is going to happen. Now, my rational mind backed this thought. They both have not met any doctor. They do not know the issue if there is any and with whom. It might be not their right alignment with the time to have a baby.

    It was difficult to sleep that night. Her question kept bothering me ‘my husband may leave me, to marry someone else.’ They were not trying earlier because of both of their financial insecurity. If they need a treatment and they delayed it for some reason, how is it her fault? Why she will be shown out the doors?

    How a woman becomes ‘not a good wife’ if she can’t deliver a baby?

    I understand when one decide to end the marriage on grounds of infidelity, compatibility, lack of love, cruelty etc. What I don’t understand is after so many years of marriage one decides to divorce the partner because they cannot produce a baby. How can a relationship break over not having a child? Does she stop loving and supporting her husband? Does she stops taking responsibilities of a wife and daughter in law? Does she stops being the kind of sane person she used to be? Does she become inhuman? She remains the same. She can be going through depression, partly because she is upset with herself, partly because of the treatment of the society.  All she needs is a support not isolation.

    Solutions and Scars

    Our medical sciences have advanced so much and now there are many treatments that a woman can undertake to be able to have a baby (other than suggested fasts and rituals by the society). All these methods are extremely painful and horribly expensive. One can take years and years to respond to them and results are not always guaranteed. Both husband and wife get drained themselves and deplete all their savings in the hope. They are already going through a lot. We as a society should take the responsibility of not taunting them all this while #InfertilityIsNotATaboo .It is plain simple medical problem and the couple is already taking treatment for that.

    If nothing works, adoption is also a solution. What more beautiful can be, to be parents to someone who needs them. Unfortunately, adoption is also scrutinized by some in society. They go one labeling the woman as ‘banjh’ and abusive titles for the child.


    Adoption is a personal choice. A woman may not want to give birth, it’s her choice.  In any situation, her motherly feelings are not lost. She will play with kids, love them the same way. Motherhood is experiencing or raising a child. Infertility has nothing to do with behavior, likes, dislikes and emotions. She is still a woman if she can’t give birth.

    So I finally ask again

    What makes a woman, a woman?


    This blog is to #SpreadAwareness about Infertility through Infertility Dost, India’s first website that facilitates couples to brave infertility with support and knowledge. You can find other links  on Write Tribe

  • How to make sure it’s a High Value Content?

    How to make sure it’s a High Value Content?

    Lately, have you felt that your content is not getting many shares and views? No matter how much time you have devoted to creating a particular piece, at the end, it is not getting the result that you desired?

    Bloggers, You Tubers and all the content creators / producers, may I have your attention, please. Thank you.

    high quality content

    Content is king, but why no traffic in the wing?

    There was a time when it was preached ‘Content is King’, so to get the maximum benefits everyone started posting high quantity of stuff and paid a little attention to the quality. That high quantity content is not bringing you enough laurels in the form of traffic, social media shares, leads or any sort of proposals. Looking at the falling numbers you might have speed up publishing more content. You are putting efforts and finding new ways of recreating interesting content. But then again, it is also under – performing as per your planning sheets. Now, if Facebook ads get near to 0.05% of CTR, then it pretty much explains the downfall phenomenon, and you should feel alarmed.

    The reason for getting lower views is not because people are not interested in media or they have gone back to reading newspapers and watching televisions. Instead, the reason is that today, there are too many content creators like you. Let’s check, how many YouTube stars you were aware of in 2010 or even in 2012? If you started blogging in 2008, then how many bloggers were around you? Now, what are the numbers in 2016? The graph is skyrocket high.  So if these many people will publish new content so frequently like the way you are doing, chances are less that your content will be seen and the consumed by the masses.

    High- quality stuff.  Ehh??

    You might wish to advocate your content as “High- quality” content. To justify yourself, here is a self-analysing guide, to justify, if your content is epic, sans your follower count or mailing list.

    1. Your blog / website / YouTube channel etc is growing exponentially with time.

    Once you publish your content and do not put any efforts to promote it, see how many backlinks / social media shares / leads you can generate through it?

    When I say ‘not putting any efforts to promote your content’ I mean, you are not pushing your content with any sponsored or manual shares. If your SEO is getting you traffic and your mailing list and by default connected social media channels are getting your clicks and some leads, then your content is ‘high-quality’ and people are liking it.

    Go ahead, gear up your game; your results are growing with time.

    1. Would anyone pay for it?

    In case if you have to sell your content, independently, will anyone be interested in buying that? If yes, then for how much? Your content’s worth and capability should be much more than a like, comment, share, subscribe or even exchange of what’s app number or an email id.

    If someone can actually buy your content for real money, then you are producing ‘high-quality’ content.

    1. Does anybody care?

    To keep the buzz on and maintain the excitement level with your readers you keep them posted about your latest projects and what they may see published next from your side.

    How many times you get messages from readers to know what and when you are publishing your next? How many times are you approached by PR people or other brands for quotations? What if you do not publish for long?

    This small yet harsh guide will be able to give you all the answers and raise some questions for your hustle to publish more and more.  We still say, ‘content is king’, but that king needs to be produced with King’s pedigree.

    So, what should you do now?

    Now, this doesn’t mean you should scrap your content or give utmost time to prepare your masterpieces. Instead, this is the time; you should re-evaluate the role and the objective of your need, to create the content.

    Creating content for you is as huge as your whole business model. It is also a critical (substantial) part of your marketing plan. The more content you create, the more marketing efforts you will need to put in order to be consumed by the masses and thus giving you business.

    Blogs or Vlogs are your products which are slightly different than “traditional” products in the market.  Your marketing plan can be awesome but at the same time, your product should also be matching those efforts.  Fortunately or unfortunately (depends on how you see this) your product is your each and every piece of content. In order to make it awesome, you have to sit and make a new plan. You can’t rest a day and let your product sell passively.

    Every piece of content is a big deal.

    It will be wise to say, you should sit back and re-plan your content strategy.  Focus on quality production and increase your marketing activities.