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  • Have you done Instagram profile optimization for your business? (Checklist Inside)

    Everything you should do for your Instagram Profile Optimization.

    Get ready to roll.

    Instagram is rapidly growing. Last year they destroyed Snapchat by introducing stories and this month they launched IGTV in competition with YouTube. The mobile photo-sharing app, which launched in October of 2010, now by June 2018 boasts its 1 billion monthly active users, 500 million users are active every day, 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram every single day.

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    1. 25 million (one-fourth of the total monthly active users) are Business profiles on Instagram.
    2. Every month 2 million business users advertise on Instagram.
    3. It is estimated that Instagram earned almost 20 % of Facebook’s annual revenue.
    4. 60% of the top brands on Instagram use the same filter for every post.
    5. 300 million users use the “stories” feature daily.
    6. Instagram posts with hashtag average 12.6% more engagement than those without.

    Now that we have established the facts, we know how huge Instagram is, now let’s do Instagram profile optimization for your business

    1. Profile Photo

    You can choose your brand logo or any other picture that best defines your profile. Your logo is also the easiest solution because it helps you stay visually consistent across all of your channels. In case you have an event coming up or currently any campaign going on, you can also put that on your display pic.
    The profile photo displayed is very small in size. Make sure that you use a top quality image that people can see and recognize without straining their eyes or zooming in – out.

    2. Your name is searchable on explore page.

    This is a cool thing. Did you know that the “Name” field in your Instagram bio is searchable? That means that you can change it to words that highlights what your Instagram profile or tell more about your business.
    This also means that one you optimize your name field on the Instagram page, your chances of appearing in Instagram ’s if anyone searches for those keywords will be much higher!

    3. Include keywords in your bio

    The bio description is another area where you can mention keywords to get more search results. Recently Instagram launched the ability to add clickable hashtags ( # ) and mentions ( @ ) on your profile. This could be really useful if you’re managing more than one account for your brand, or if you’re running a branded hashtag campaign.

    Make your bio visually appealing with line breaks, emojis, custom fonts or some different alignment.

    Remember: You only have 150 characters for your Instagram bio, so be careful to not compromise on your brand messaging to get your alignment right or any fancy element right.

    4. CTA and additional links

    Instagram doesn’t want you to leave the platform. The places where you can mention additional links or call to actions are limited.
    #Protip: Your CTA should be clearly mentioned in the last line in your bio.

    a) Link in bio
    You can mention one link in the bio.
    It can be a link to your website, landing page, event page for tickets or shoppable link to buy your products.

    b) Swipe-up link in stories
    If you have more than 10,000 followers you can put a link on the stories, that your audience can access by swipe up option.

    Of course, this option does not work for smaller accounts, thus the place they can play around links in bio

    c) Adding multiple links in the bio
    There are many tools that help you add multiple links in your bio. The added advantage of using them is to direct your followers exactly where you want to. This sounds like putting an extra step but it actually increases the conversion rate.

    Saying from our personal experience, many times we keep digging old posts for more information and we see common CTA – link in bio which has of course, been changed by now. In such scenarios, it is a smart move to use a tool that can categorize or reroute in the right direction.

    There are many tools available, we at SillySense recommend
    – You can add up to 5 links for free. (Lifetime free)
    – Customizable URL. You can add your brand name for people to easily remember.
    Check our linktree link

    5. Business Category

    Your Business Instagram profile is built/connected with your business Facebook page.
    Your Instagram business category is the same as the category you picked for your Facebook business page, which you need to use Instagram for business. You can add more specificity to your Instagram bio. On mobile, click Edit Profile and scroll down to the Business Information category. You’ll see the Facebook page that’s linked to your Instagram profile and the category that was automatically pulled from your Facebook page. Tap the Category option to see other categories that you can choose such as Books and Magazines, Events, TV, Film, Local Business, Brands and Products, Music, Public Person, Sports, and so on. After you choose the category that best fits your business, you can select a subcategory from a drop-down menu. The subcategory is what appears in your Instagram bio.

    6. Add Contact Information

    The contact information on Instagram makes things so simple. On the Business profile, you can set more than 10 contact options on your profile (though it is not advised to use everything unless you want to confuse the audience. )
    Basic options available Email, Call, Directions. Here comes the coolest part, Instagram let people directly email, call or find directions to your store through one click and you can get numbers of how many people contacted you in a week from the insight reports.

    Advance options available are for ticket bookings, order placement, booking appointments, reserve a table etc from more than 10 different options.

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    Let us know what else you are doing for your Instagram Profile Optimization.




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  • Musically is Tik Tok now.

    Musically is “Tik Tok” now.

    Would you like to be called as “Muser” or “Clock”?

    On Thursday (Aug 2) we saw a change in our phone apps. has gone away and rebranded itself as TikTok. ( Owned by China’s Bytedance). The app gained popularity by letting users record themselves lip-syncing along to songs and audio clips. In an update last year it emergences itself as a standalone social media platform.

    But even as dies a quiet death today — only to be reborn as TikTok — you won’t have to worry about your star status fading away. Go on and upload that ‘In My Feelings’ Video you had been meaning to.

    Bytedance said TikTok will launch a series of new creator programs to provide technical support, performance insights and guidance on growth strategy.

    Existing user accounts, content and followers are automatically moved to the new TikTok app, according to the company. Bytedance says TikTok has 500 million active monthly users worldwide, and the company concluded it made sense to merge and TikTok under one roof.

    Do you feel alienated when your favourite brands rebrand themselves overnight?


    PS: Check our other articles to do the social media marketing right. If you’re all pumped up to make your mark, we suggest you do follow our Instagram @SillySense for quick daily tips and dig deeper in blogs to find your answers.

    We are a Digital Marketing boutique though based in Chandigarh (India) but purely digital nomads. Give us a call or drop a hello in our inbox, in case you are looking for professional services to grow your brand.

    We at SillySense are totally committed to Add Value To Your Business.

    See ya.

  • 5th World Emoji Day – 10 emoji facts you won’t know

    The 5th World Emoji Day

    Yes, world emoji day is a thing and it is today and here are 10 interesting facts about Emoji’s you might not know yet. Share them with your friends and stay cool. Some of the facts mentioned below have links, go test them yourself. 
    Have fun with your time here.
    If you enjoy them comment with your favourite emoji 😍
    1. Emojis existed since 1999 but were made popular since 2012 when Apple released iOS 6.


    2. There is actually a tool which tracks emojis Used in Realtime on Twitter. Don’t believe us? Check yourself


    3. ‘Emoji’ Was Added as a Word to Oxford Dictionaries in 2013


    4. Emoji Swag. Miley Cyrus has some tattoo of the sad cat emoji, though a bit more discrete, located on the inside of her lower lip.


    5. There is a documentary film about the obsession with emojis. It is less than 2 minutes long and was published by


    6. Sony pictures in 2017 released a full feature film ‘The Emoji Movie’ Sadly it was rated 1 star on Rotten Tomatoes.


    7. Emoji usage in marketing messages has increased at an annual growth rate of over 775% since 2016.


    8. There are more than 2,666 official emojis.


    9. The most confused Emoji of all time is 😆


    10. The first smiley face was recently discovered on a 4,000-year-old clay jug in Turkey.


  • How to know which content will help you to grow Instagram account?

    How to grow Instagram account?

    This is the most popular question and the one answer we get is

    Use awesome content and hashtags.

    Okay, so you work hard and put up the best of the content and use a bunch of hashtags. You start getting likes and some comments here and there. It could be a great week and you got some followers too.

    This information is the first thing that we glance at but is this the right criteria to grow Instagram account? Well, we at SillySense dig out for more as just likes, comments and followers doesn’t give the real picture.

    How to know which content will help you to grow your Instagram account and what is getting a good reach?

    If you have a business account on Instagram, then you should swipe up the Insights option under the posts.

    Check these:

    1. Number of Saves:

    This is really important for us at Silly Sense to know how many people have taken the time to read it or want to read it later. It also tells us how much value we are providing to our readers. The more value we give, the more we will grow Instagram account.
    The posts with the most saves, we try to replicate it.

    grow instagram account 2

    2. reach of the posts:

    Reach is far more important than the likes and comments on Instagram. Popular posts gain more reach because they tick boxes in the old Insta algorithm (a mystery element), but, the question is ultimately how did it gain more reach and popularity?

    (a) Check how many people came through your profile. That means they’ve gone on your feed then clicked that picture. That means the picture is good if this number is higher than normal. Replicate this kind of picture!

    (b) The insights tell you how many people came through those hashtags. If it’s more than normal then that’s a good set of hashtags to use.

     Fact: Instagram posts with hashtag average 12.6% more engagement than those without.

    Some suggest using only 8 and some suggest using all 30 hashtags on Instagram posts to get maximum reach. Well, the number of the hashtag is still an argument but it is an established fact that hashtags are powerful.
    Whether you call them spam or a life saver, you have to use them if you want to grow your Instagram account.

    What does this fact mean?

    Hashtags can on average get you 12.6% more engagements. To go beyond that;

    1. Content, matters.

    Not just the picture or video but also what you want to say along with it. While caption length doesn’t impact engagement. Caption content certainly does.


    Yeah, getting more followers is still a thing. Good quality of followers increases the chances of more engagements.

    3. Interactions.

    The more you interact, the more they will talk back!

    4. Only hashtags can’t be your game.

    Every account is different, and you want it to be. Don’t try to replicate others work as that might not work for you, and really do you want to be them or do you want your own unique account that people follow you for because your different to the others… Even better? We at Silly Sense advise experimenting with your own account and see what works best for you!

    Happy Instagramming.


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  • Here is your new TV – IGTV. (Everything you want to know)

    All about new Instagram IGTV

    Instagram has launched new IGTV app this midweek and content creators are going crazy over it and you should be already onto it by now.
    IGTV is a new feature that is available on native Instagram (if not then update from the app store) and has also launched IGTV as a stand-alone app.

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    What is IGTV?

    IGTV is Instagram’s way of disrupting the traditional TV experience and updating it for a modern, mobile experience.

    The popularity and indulgence on video content is at its peak. YouTube has already exploded it and Facebook Watch is already established. This is the time when the most mobile platform – Instagram come into the game and makes things more simple.

    You can watch IGTV videos in the Instagram app, in the standalone IGTV app, or by clicking the IGTV button on someone’s Instagram profile. When someone you follow posts a new video to IGTV, you’ll get a notification in the native Instagram app.

    91% of the social media users are on mobile.
    They hold their screen vertically.
    By 2021, mobile video will account for 78% of total mobile data traffic.

    What should you know for IGTV?

    1. Anyone can create a new video channel on IGTV. One Instagram account can have only one IGTV channel.

    2. You can now upload longer videos up to 10 minutes for small accounts and up to 1 hour on big accounts. Instagram says there will be no limit in coming time.

    IGTV supports 4k vertical videos that are at least 15 seconds long, and can run up to 60 minutes. If you’re wondering what size IGTV videos are, they’re a 16:9 aspect ratio (the same as Instagram Stories).

    3. IGTV is full of vertical videos. This is unlike Youtube where horizontal videos fit the pattern. Instagram has already trained us to use Vertical Videos for the stories, so this will not be a concern for content creators.

    IGTV is all about the vertical videos. Sure, you can technically upload a horizontal video to IGTV, but that’s not the best experience.

    4. Instagram announces creators will be able to make a living. Building an engagement and probably an introduction to ads will make it possible.

    5. IGTV will be more like Youtube but Not Netflix.

    For its launch strategy, Instagram is focusing around web celebrities that made their name on mobile (Vine, Youtube, Snapchat etc) rather than more traditional, old-school publishers and TV studios. You can watch content from the social media stars but not your favourite TV shows.

    6. IGTV will be much more addictive.

    Right now, there’s 3 IGTV categories: For You, Following, and Popular.

    “For You” is a collection of videos that Instagram thinks you will like, made up from people you follow and Instagram’s own machine learning.

    “Following” is a collection of videos from all the people on Instagram that you’re already following. Which is a good time to mention that if someone follows you on IGTV, they’ll be following your regular Instagram account too!

    “Popular” features all of the trending videos on IGTV, most likely ranked by popularity.

    There’s also a small hidden search bar that lets you search for videos, but Instagram is trying to curate the best videos for you within your social network and without you having to constantly search for the next video to watch.

    7. IGTV analytics will be accessible within the app.
    According to Instagram, a “view” on IGTV is the number of times people watched at least 3 seconds of your video.

    8. IGTV videos can be uploaded through web. This is good news for marketers, finally, laptops can be used in some way.

    IGTV Web - 1

    Once you log in to your account through the web, you can go to the third tab “IGTV” and click the Upload button. Since SillySense IG is a comparatively small account, we are allowed to upload 15 seconds to 10-minute videos.

    You can then upload the video file in with a minimum aspect ratio of 4:5 and maximum of 9:16. upload the cover photo and fill in the details.

    IGTV gives an option to either direct post / publish the video or save in your drafts.

    IGTV Web - 2



    You can share IGTV videos on your Facebook profile or page, when it is already connected to your Instagram account. When you have uploaded the video, you can Turn on the sharing with your Facebook account. Once you post, the video will be automatically published on your Facebook profile and IGTV channel.


    IGTV for marketers?

    Video has become an increasingly important skill in social media marketing, and now with the launch of IGTV, if you don’t know how to make or edit videos, you really need to learn…now!

    Instagram is forcing and actually starting a whole new wave of vertical video creation. Marketers and other content creators might not take this too well. Now when you’re shooting a video content, you will have to either shoot for two ratios or make sure that you’re able to vertically crop the video. It means more editing, and you won’t be able to share the same video on all your social platforms.

    Good Luck,


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  • 6 tips to design social media strategy

    How are you designing social media strategy for your brand?

    Gone are the days when you could get away with building a social media strategy on the fly. As long as you were present, you were doing more than your competitors–right?

    Well, almost half of 2018 has gone and sadly not much logic applies today. So, if you are still thinking of creating a post (graphic per se) add numerous hashtags, mention some people (to get likes/ shares or comments) and “boost” it for reach, and you will call it social media marketing then you are wrong.
    Your strategy can’t be only about existence !!

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    More than 1.37 billion people are active on Facebook every month. There are more than 50 million business pages on Facebook. There are 146 million fashion brands on Pinterest. Blogging continues to grow, with over 409 million people viewing more than 23.6 billion pages each month on WordPress alone. 60 hours of videos are uploaded to Youtube every 1 minute. There are 800 million users on Instagram right now. In fact, there are 81 million fake Facebook accounts and over 5% of the twitter accounts are bogus.  (Stats as per )

    The time to only exist on social media has gone long back.

    Your strategy can be to generate engagements or to educate your audience to buy from you. Whichever path you may choose, it is important to attract genuine interactions to make a significant mark in your marketing efforts. This seriously impacts your bottom line. So, when sales team is under less pressure more revenue they will be able to generate.

    Document your goals.
    Design the plan.
    Execute it.

    6 Tips to design your Social Media Strategy

    1. Your Biggest Challenge

    The only way to do social media strategy right is to design in a way that solves your biggest challenge. The content you publish, stories you convey should be actually the answers to solve the biggest challenge of your business or industry. Once you proceed in this direction and design social media activities, soon you will see surprising results in your business with substantial improvement in your Return of Investment (ROI).


    Never take on every social media channel or any free space available as an opportunity to bombard your content. Neither is a good idea nor it is adviced by Social Media Moguls. Too much visibility can burn you back.

    Try to choose the channels that are most important based on your specific goals. Non – spamming is loved and appreciated all over the world!


    As social media marketers and users, we know how difficult is to build a brand and get the attention when there is an ocean full of competition. Hence temptations to put everything across on a single post and making it viral heightens our creativity.

    Pro tip: Avoid over complicating a strategy with too many targets, go to links and objectives. Simplicity can take you a long way. Only one Call to Action.


    Communications cannot be automated. Make an effort to know your target audience. Their demography, language, cultural preference, age group etc. Communication is the key and certainly, you can’t afford to go wrong here.

    Understanding your audience is necessary to learn things like who buys your products, what age group is the toughest to sell and what income level makes up the most of your returning customers? As for social media, it’s just as critical to know your audience.  Talk in the way they want to listen and reply back.


    Vanity metrics like follower count and likes are always good to measure, but does it tell you the whole story of your brand on social media? There is no argument that followers are not buyers. As per Brandwatch, 96% of the people who are talking about you online are not following you.

    Research well and establish the most important number for your business and work on your social media strategy to get it right.


    Research your competitor. No, we are not saying to steal their content or ideas. But learn how they have placed themselves and how is the response. The gold mine is in details. Dig as much as you can.

    Now go build your content. Make it text, screengrabs, boomerangs, graphics, videos or pictures. The content that tells your story and echoes how much your product and customer matters.

    7. BONUS

    In a nut shell, the most important tip to design social media strategy is

    Keep things real.

    Good Luck,


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  • Do you want to be Social Media famous?

    You start your day checking your social media accounts?

    Do you keep track of no of people who are following you, like your posts and watch your stories?

    You refresh your YouTube video every 5 minutes to see how many views it has generated?

    You ghost follow big social media accounts to copy all their hashtags?

    Congratulations, you are a social media freak.

    Every social media freak, like you, desires to have an engaging social media account, active audience and participants. In literal terms, internet citizens should go crazy for your every post and make you a viral star.

    Making things look great and engaging on social media is an incredible thought and (cross your heart) requires a lot of efforts, creativity along with a solid strategy. So all those out there, who want to make it look big on social media should ready to do the workout it requires.

    The Golden Tip to be famous on Social Media.

    Growing on social media takes time, but your consistency serves its delight.

    Embrace who you are sounds cliché but it is true.  A Lot of noises out there who just want to be a social media star, “Social Media Celebrity” just like the cliché line in our Hindi cinema movies “Mumbai hero ban’ne aya hu” . Getting fame in Bollywood industry is quite directional because one has an idea about it but if you are a social media celebrity then what is your goal of being famous in social media? Is it just the fame?  Do you have any idea about the other opportunities in the vicinity? What will be the shelf life of your work on social media?

    Living with fame on social media is one thing. If you are passionate about your work then it will not be just another 9 to 5 job, rather it can be more than a way to earn a living. It can bring you success along with fame. Being passionate about your work is important and there’s no easy way other than being honest to your work and yourself.

    Here comes the only one advice you need to hear.

    There is a lot of content already available on social media. In case you don’t agree, you are far far from being famous on social media.

    If you say

    “I want to make comedy videos”

    “I want to make people laugh”

    “I want to build a business”

    “I want to be a famous blogger”

    This is all cool, as an audience or a follower, we would love to see this in your content, not to hear it from you or your bio.

    People will appreciate your work and come back for more when you create raw and organic content. Picking up some repeated content from social media is not a great idea at all, everyone is eyeing on the trending things and replicating them with minimal changes.

    If your goal and intent are to be noticed, then produce the original content. It is the only way to connect directly with the audience. This type of content will come from you naturally, it will be personified by you, thus it won’t take much time to ’create’ and will be super super organic.


    When you watc videos of other bloggers and viners you unintentionally replicate the work in context with the content you consume. Try to produce something you experience from within and explore, which has the rawness along with the authenticity. Make your content about yourself it will help you to generate more audience. This will be more helpful for people to know about you and also for you to generate an organic impactful fan following.

    Make your content reflect who you are instead of enacting as someone else. Because if one comes up enacting as someone else, sooner or later it will show up! Do your own thing with your reflection and authenticity, and let your content spread the aura in trend.

    So, still wanted to be famous on Social Media? Ready for the authentic hard work it requires?

    If yes, then all the best. Do not forget to share your content with us, we would love to connect with you and see you shine.



  • May 2018 – 11 Social Media News that you should know.

    Social media platforms are constantly getting updated. The moment you find yourself comfortable with the algorithm update, something again changes or introduced into the system. The month of May was really happening for social media platforms, here are the 11 social media news you should know.

    1. Instagram – You can mute now!

    Instagram has finally added a mute button, allowing you to ignore people without offending them. The new feature will finally allow you to banish selected accounts from your newsfeed – but without the person behind that account actually knowing. Some time back, the option to mute people’s stories was introduced – meaning stories from selected accounts would not show up at the top of the app but were still available from their profiles.

    1. Instagram – Testing song stickers on stories.

    Instagram is preparing to let you add music to your Stories. “Music stickers” could let you search for and add a song to your posts, thanks to licensing deals with the major record labels recently struck by Facebook. Instagram is also testing a way to automatically detect a song you’re listening to and display the artist and song title as just a visual label.

    Listenable music stickers would make Instagram Stories much more interesting to watch. Amateur video footage suddenly looks like DIY MTV when you add the right score. The feature could also steal thunder from teen lip syncing app sensation Musically.

    1. Instagram – Ads for existing posts can be run through Power Editor or Ads Manager.

    Previously, the only way to run an organic post as an ad was by using the in-app “Promote” button – Instagram’s equivalent of Facebook’s “Boost” button. But now, Facebook is rolling out the feature that we’ve all been waiting for!

    The feature, currently rolling out to “all global advertisers” within “next few weeks” will be available for the Brand Awareness, Post Engagement, Reach, and Video Views objectives, and will be available in “auction buying” in both Ads Manager and Power Editor. Don’t get too excited though, you will only be able to create an ad from Single Video and Single Photo Feed Posts for now. Carousel, Stories, Branded Content, and Instagram Shopping posts are not supported.

    1. Facebook – Reopens app reviews on the platform.

    Onstage at Facebook’s developer conference, Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company will be re-opening its app review process following the pause it took in the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica crisis.

    This is certainly a welcome news for developers who build on the platform. They had to deal with Facebook making major changes without their input as the company has tried to navigate its latest scandals.

    1. Facebook Analytics – New app for Analytics tool

    Facebook wants to prove it can earn businesses money, not just build their social media audience. Facebook analytics app touts the ability to “stay on top of your growth, engagement, and conversion efforts on the go. Easily view key metrics and reports, check automated insights, and receive notifications when changes occur.”

    The Facebook Analytics app lets users create custom mobile views of their most important metrics like revenue, retention, demographics and active users. It ties into Facebook’s web Analytics suite to let you view funnels, cohorts and segments you’ve created there.

    1. Facebook – Testing New Search Engine for Influencer Marketing

    The Branded Content Matching search engine lets marketers choose influencers based on characteristics of creators’ fans and see stats about their audiences.

    1. Facebook – preparing to launch a dating feature.

    Zuckerberg announced that Facebook app will introduce dating feature. This has been trolled ruthlessly on twitter. We at SillySense think it is a good news. Now how long it will keep on sending ‘frandship requests’. Time to grow up!

    1. Whats App – Group video calling feature introduced.

    What’s App is the single favourite app the world loves for chatting. The only thing missing here is group video chat (the reason we still go back to Skype). Facebook has revealed that Whats App is adding a group video calling feature in the months ahead. There aren’t many details at this stage, but it’s clear the feature will allow four participants and work with smartphones.

    Stickers are coming, too.

    1. Whats App – Enables In – app Facebook and Instagram Video Viewing.

    Whats App has added support for playing Instagram and Facebook videos within the app. Now when contacts send you Facebook and Instagram videos, you can watch them inside Whats App without having to exit your conversation thread and go into other apps. The app already allowed users to play YouTube videos within the conversation. This feature is currently being available only for iOS users.

    1. Whats App – Features for group chat

    Whats App has rolled out an update and this will change how you use groups. We can already sense many group admins taking a sigh of relief.

    a) Group description feature is updated. Now you can add more to the description (512 characters long) or add a topic to the group so that the group members know what the group is about.

    b) You can now search a participant in a group.

    c) You can easily switch from a voice call to video call by the tap of a button.

    d) You can now leave a group permanently to avoid being repeatedly added back after you have left.

    e )Administrators can no longer be removed from a group they created.

    1. LinkedIn – 3 new lead generation forms introduced for ads.

    LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms eliminate one of the major obstacles to conversions—relying on users to fill out contact forms, which is even more difficult on mobile devices—by auto-populating an in-application form with information from users’ LinkedIn profiles and allowing them to instantly submit those forms.

    The forms updated are – Lead Gen Forms for Sponsored InMail, option to add custom questions, and Lead Gen format for Dynamic Ads.


    Be updated with your social media game with us.  Let us know which feature you are eagerly waiting for.

  • Celebrating 75 years of Dainik Jagran

    It feels so good when you join efforts with the change makers to do the good work and the vibe reaches the masses. SillySense is proud to be associated with one of the oldest Hindi newspaper in India, Dainik Jagran. The national daily is the largest read and the second largest newspaper in India.

    The Hindi newspaper recently completed 75 years of its existence and SillySense did a PR outreach for the same.
    The newspaper has grown with Indian democracy and has raised voice against all pressing issues for the betterment of the society.

    The newspaper is largely circulated in these areas – Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar, Uttrakhand, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi NCR, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir (Jammu) and Mumbai. Dainik Jagran the flagship brand of Jagran Prakashan Ltd (JPL) has marked an era of awakening since its inception in the year 1942.

    SillySense, congratulates and celebrate 75 years of Dainik Jagran.

  • Good in Goodbyes – Vodafone Eco Pond

    Ganeshotsav is celebrated with enthusiasm and excitement across India especially in Maharashtra. The 10 days festivities begins with establishing Lord Ganesha’s Idol at home and ends with its Viserjan. Vodafone wanted to partake in the celebration this year by centring it on its core value of innovation and sustainable living.

    In last few years, there has been an increased awareness about water pollution caused by visarjan which are made out of Plaster of Paris (PoP). It takes several months to totally dissolve Ganesh Idols made up of PoP into water.

    Vodafone wanted to address the issue in its own unique way, hence the concept of Eco-ponds. #GoodinGoodbyes

    Vodafone aim is always to transform societies through its product and services and contribute to more sustainable living. Through this initiative Vodafone wanted uphold the religious sentiments of the people and help them conclude the festivities on a good note. The colors used in decoration of idols contain harmful chemicals containing mercury, lead which leaks into water as idol dissolves. It kills aquatic plants and marine life, damaging ecosystem under water.

    The initiative would help Vodafone to be identified as a dependable brand. It would be critical for building strong emotional connect with the people for long-term customer loyalty.

    The Eco-pond is technology driven and uses (IOT) device which helps track the water level in it once the Ganpati idol is immersed. The concerned family/Housing society/Organizing Committee also get a SMS alert.

    Vodafone team partnered with NCL and the latter provided them with a solution of ammonium carbonate that dissolves the idol and leaves the sludge, which can be later filtered and re-used to make chalks and other products. The brand teams studied on how much chemical solution would be needed to immerse Ganpati idols. The weighing machine also helps the NCL and Vodafone ascertain on how much chemical solution is needed to dissolve the idols once they are immersed in the pond. Once the pond is full, it is replaced with other pond and the first one would be cleaned and re-used.

    On the other hand, the brand has also set an Aarti stand as people perform puja before immersing the idol in the water. So, once they keep the idol on the Aarti stand, it will weigh the idol and then calculate on how much solution is needed to dissolve the total number of idols in the pond.


    8 Vodafone stores are dedicated to carry out the activity. Vodafone stores located at JM Road, Hirabaug, Wakdewadi, Aundh, Karve Road, NIBM Road, Kalyaninagar and Kharadi are equipped with Vodafone Eco-Ponds .

    Further to this, devotees can also dial 7391000000 to locate all the Vodafone Eco-Ponds.