• Father’s Day Ft Keventers #MYDADDYCOOLEST Challenge

    Father’s Day is here and someone is making it cool with Keventers #MYDADDYCOOLEST Challenge. What can be better than challenging your father for milkshake chugging on this sunny afternoon right before an Epic ICC Champion’s Trophy 2017 Finale between India – Pakistan!

    Before I spill out on the competition, allow me to share a cool video that I made using still from my last road trip to Rajasthan with my dad. Why this video, you may ask, because I am far away in another city ūüôĀ

    In a move to make dads across India feel super special in the coolest way, my favorite milkshake brand, Keventers has organized a milkshake chugging contest across all its outlets on June 17 and 18.

    Celebrating the myriad relationships each of us have with our fathers, whether it’s a love-hate one, a fun one or that of a best friend, Keventers is inviting customers across India to prove whose daddy is literally the coolest.

    How to Participate in Keventers #MYDADDYCOOLEST Challenge?

    Keventers #MYDADDYCOOLEST Challenge
    To participate in the contest what one needs to do is simple. Just walk into any of the 100+ Keventers outlets across India with your dad, order the shakes and challenge him for an impromptu chugging competition. Have a friend record the competition and post it with the hashtag #MYDADDYCOOLEST on the Keventers Facebook page and Twitter handle.

    At the culmination of this competition, three lucky winning dads will get exclusively curated hampers from Keventers.

    Share your pictures!


  • Father’s Day ft Casio Edifice Watch

    Father’s Day ft Casio Edifice Watch

    I have always been a star gazed admirer of wrist watches. Since the time I was in 10th standard I have seen watches as a symbol of possessing a strong personality and clarity of life. I don’t know the source of such thought in my mind, but yes watches for me are special, I owe them a lot to ooze out confidence in me. Yeah, Watches are that important to me. (*Like how Priyanka makes you feel success by introducing a mouth freshener*)

    Currently, I own 5 watches and except one, all are men’s watches. I am obsessed with big dials and simple textures straps around my wrists.

    This Father’s Day, I would gift my dad memories that he has created with me in my childhood. Of all the times he has allowed me to wear his watch in school and let me flaunt my swag! A new Casio Edifice watch is a perfect gift option for this moment, this year.

    This Edifice collection gives a feeling of motorsports. The timepiece is classy and an ideal gift you can borrow back from your father. The design is subtle and is available in two variants. – Stainless Steel and Genuine Leather.

    The Casio Edifice Watch feature 100-meter water resistant body, making it ultimately rough and tough wear. The dial surface of the timepiece is inspired by the carbon fibre structure, which depicts strong and light weight built quality.

    The dial further supports three sub-dials, which features date, day and 24-hour indicator so that your dad stays up with date and time, at any time when an Edifice is on. Furthermore, the watch features a Retrograde Chronograph and 1/10-second stopwatch. Get one Edifice for your dad and earn that priceless smile.

    Let me know what you are gifting your father on Father’s Day.


  • Forcing Love

    Relationships are fragile especially in a snap chat generation of today. You can be open for love, trust the person but at the same time insecure of the future, the series of ‘what if’ questions haunt you … hang in there .. hold yourself and don’t drive them crazy them for anything ……

    You can’t force consistency.
    You can’t force attention.
    You can’t force effort.
    You can’t force chemistry.
    You can’t force understanding.
    You can’t force patience.
    You can’t force loyalty.
    You can’t force honesty.
    You can’t force trust.
    You can’t force commitment.
    You can’t force a connection.

    The love that used to be there is no longer there and it hasn’t been for awhile and as much as you want it back, you can’t force it to happen because by forcing it, you’re only making things worse.

    You’re actually forcing other things to happen.
    You’re only driving him/her further away you.
    You’re only causing more distance between you two.
    You’re only building more resentment towards one another. You’re only giving him/her more reasons to not care.
    You’re only showing him/her how controlling you can be.
    You’re only implying how desperate you are.
    Don’t do that to them, but more importantly, don’t do that to yourself.

    To you, you’re fighting to make things work and to save the relationship, but the truth is you’re only disappointing yourself when things don’t meet the expectations you’ve set and that’ll only hurt you more. Please, don’t hurt yourself for someone who genuinely wouldn’t be affected too deeply if it were to end because it isn’t worth it and it stopped being worth it awhile ago and deep down, you know it did. He/She may love you enough to stay with you, but he/she doesn’t love you enough to make you feel loved every day anymore, and that’s not someone you should waste anymore of yourself with. So, stop forcing love because it’s either there or it isn’t and if it isn’t, you shouldn’t be either.


  • Looking for one reason?

    Looking for one reason?

    When you are looking for that one reason!
    When you are waiting for that last push!
    When you taken one foot ahead and gathering to lift the second!
    Imagine smile on your family portrait …You will be there 👍

    Har hichki ka ilaaj family ke paas

    Picture Рbackdrop of Glass Palace at Amber Fort, Jaipur, Rajasthan

  • Let your comfort zone be your happiness

    Let your comfort zone be your happiness

    Khudi ko rakh Khush itna ki gum bhi thak ke puche, zalim kitna tadpayage re .. .

    👀Looking for a reason to take that next step, to go through one more day? 👉Simple, look at your smiling self (old picture or sakshat in front of mirror)

    . 👀Want to end up the argument, get back to normalacy? 👉Genuinely smile and sprinkle happiness in the room. Everything will be sorted. .

    👀Tired, exhausted (physically, mentally, emotionally) 👉 pull yourself together and do something to be instantly happy
    👀 struggling and fighting to seek validation ? 👉 Keep smiling till your eyes shine. Darling your mesmerizing self is the only validation you need. .

    👀 Still falling apart? Feeling you had enough ? 👉 You are right, you had enough, too much of stress, too much of pain and sleepless nights with moist eyes. Now laugh, smile, freshen up and come back. Take a break from Rona dhona.. Khush raho .

    There are zillion of forces to make you feel cranky and believe that you are crappy. There is only one reason to be happy – YOU. .


    Just in case you are finding happiness, talk to me anytime 😍😇😘

    Mahie (@MsEveWill)

  • The Holiday post

    The Holiday post !

    I hope you all had great fun this morning and spent rest of the afternoon in scrubbing yourself well and then loading on lots of moisturizers (& vaseline). Now the day is finally over, allow me to wish you a very happy Holi.

    I dislike holi to an extent that I find it difficult to even reply “Happy Holi” to whats app forwards. Reasons are many – Scary life experiences, eve teasing, fear of gande se colors and basically the whole vibe attaching to it. I am amazed by looking at happy colored pictures on my insta and facebook wall.

    My Holi-day was well spent with back to back movies, dozing off in between, endless snacks coming from the kitchen, amazon prime shopping and finally no bath day !

    Tell me how was your day?

    Till next holi, stay colorful every day !
    Mahie (@MsEveWill)

    (PS: This is not me in the picture, but if I ever play holi, would love to look like this)

  • Just go somewhere

    Just go somehwere

    We all are wanderers in our head. Ain’t we? We travel places through Google search (most of the times) Sometimes settle down with those ’10 beautiful places …..’ articles. Yes, I know, we all are guilty of taking screenshots and saving them to our bucket list. (I am referring to pictures of Bora Bora, Coorg etc in your phone). But darling is bucket list ki

    Darling is bucket list ki aawaz to suno,¬†jaldi suno. Woh salon purani wish to puri karo, koi nayi jagah ghum ke to aao. Excuses ke mountains par mat climb karo. Is weekend, next month jaise oceans mat cross karo, it won’t ever happen then.

    When was the last time you packed your bags and wander on the roads of the unknown places?

    When was the last time you went alone?

    When was the last time you put yourself in a situation totally unplanned?

    When was the last time you actually meet people from different culture, enjoyed yourself in different weather conditions, had un-expecting stuff on your plate and tried to communicate in a different language?

    No, I do not guarantee that you will meet your real self on a solo trip just in case you are on a complete detox mode and expect a drastic change in your life when you return back. But hell yes you will love yourself a little more, I bet. You will return stronger and more confident. Where is your backpack? Just go somewhere!

    I did my Singapore trip last year. My first solo trip. My first international trip. No planning beforehand. No bookings. After a lot of struggle got visa just 72 hours before the flight. Google searched and sketched a very brief itinerary while waiting at the airport. I left home when I was already sick with severe breathing problems and allergies. I am glad I did !

    Obstacles/ excuses are everywhere, try to give them cold shoulder this time. Share your dream locations. Tell me how you wish to reach there, would love to be a part of your journey. Just go somehwere!

    Wishing you lots and lots of travel ahead,
    Mahie (@MsEveWill)

    Picture: Train station at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore (Major missing. My first solo International trip.

  • Savour all the delicacies

    Savour all the delicacies

    Our universe is a big fat feast, offering you a plethora of delicacies. Savour them all.

    The khooni Monday is back and there would be so many reasons to feel blue about it. How about taking in everything and savouring each moment it throws back at us. Monday mubarak jee.
    There are¬†some¬†zillion of moments when you would have wished to be somewhere¬†else. When you would not be facing any problems in life. I really wonder even in some parallel universe, there is a life where there are no problems or problems which you can approve of ! ¬†Let’s stay in the party and go through each course till the end to experience which one is monumental – our issues /excuses at the start or the sense of accomplishment at the end. You might get new wounds or scars on any given day. Chose not to feel blue about them and savour all the delicacies.

    Let’s decide to stay in the party and go through each course till the end to experience which one is monumental – our issues /excuses at the start or the sense of accomplishment at the end.

    Stay open for everything in life.

    Savour each moment you deserve that.
    I believe in you,

    Picture: Jain temples originating from  9 century A.D at Chittorgarh Fort, Rajasthan.

  • We find love where we are

    Hey my dear,

    Fed up being single? or stuck in a relationship where you are supposed to do things for the sake of love? A gentle reminder – we find love where we are. Carry on this small piece is for you.

    You are gorgeous when you smile¬†😊.

    You are beautiful even when you cry¬†😍.

    You are a big bundle of joy.

    You are who you are and you are where you ought to be right this moment¬†😇💕

    Dance a little💃, enjoy some¬†music 🎼, scribble your heart¬†‚úćÔłŹ or color your imaginations. Go bake some cakes or help someone in need. Just don’t hop here and there for the sake of love‚̧ԳŹ. Don’t loose yourself to find someone. Don’t discard just because you think (or someone said) you won’t be loved.

    Don’t loose yourself to find someone. Don’t discard just because you think (or someone said) you won’t be loved.🌷

    Love happens, love comes to you¬†🍸 ..You don’t have to climb mountains for it.💓

    Be there, be happy, just adore the moment and be charming …Love is on your way💋

    Love, love, love
    Mahie (@MsEveWill)

    PS: Show it to your friends and say how much you care.