Mood of the Nation – #UriAttacks

On September 18, 2016, an Indian Army brigade, located at Uri in Jammu and Kashmir was attacked by armed militants. After the long battle, four of them were confirmed killed, but unfortunately, 17 lives of Indian Soldiers were also claimed. This is said to be the deadliest attack in North India region in recent years.

India is respectfully known as a peaceful nation. The one who is always willing to sit down, discuss and solve the issues without going the war way. But this time, the mood of the nation is just not to condemn this situation.

See how Twitter India has reacted on #UriAttacks

Gautam Gambhir, Cricketer

Ajay Devgun, Actor – Director – Producer

How general public is reacting !!

Some are furious and demand an action.

Some were able to find a coincidence…

And, this is what Gurbani Buttar (Spangle Street), the celebrity Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger from Chandigarh, has to say

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Lastly, at SillySense, we wish this time everyone should come together and react like a – NATION

Dear Indians,

Let’s be a nation this time.
Let’s not be from some religion, caste, state, quota etc etc
Let’s show our anger together.
Let’s not just condemn.

They were our soldiers.
They were there to protect us.
They were Indians.
They were our nation.

Let’s raise our voice.
Let’s demand an action.
Let’s make some noise.
Let’s force government take concrete action.

Let’s do this, THIS TIME.

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