Let your comfort zone be your happiness

Let your comfort zone be your happiness

Khudi ko rakh Khush itna ki gum bhi thak ke puche, zalim kitna tadpayage re .. .

👀Looking for a reason to take that next step, to go through one more day? 👉Simple, look at your smiling self (old picture or sakshat in front of mirror)

. 👀Want to end up the argument, get back to normalacy? 👉Genuinely smile and sprinkle happiness in the room. Everything will be sorted. .

👀Tired, exhausted (physically, mentally, emotionally) 👉 pull yourself together and do something to be instantly happy
👀 struggling and fighting to seek validation ? 👉 Keep smiling till your eyes shine. Darling your mesmerizing self is the only validation you need. .

👀 Still falling apart? Feeling you had enough ? 👉 You are right, you had enough, too much of stress, too much of pain and sleepless nights with moist eyes. Now laugh, smile, freshen up and come back. Take a break from Rona dhona.. Khush raho .

There are zillion of forces to make you feel cranky and believe that you are crappy. There is only one reason to be happy – YOU. .


Just in case you are finding happiness, talk to me anytime 😍😇😘

Mahie (@MsEveWill)

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  • Anupriya Kansal

    I have really started living for my happiness and its a great pleasure. Atleast I smile

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