70% of the google profits come from Google Adwords. And yours?

Google Adwords Profits

Blogging for the last couple of years was considered a ‘money making hobby’. The advancement in this trend let people actually churn out their business minds and come up with many new innovative business models.

Today swag for web portals, e-commerce websites and mobile apps has replaced the coolness of making money from your blog.

I know many entrepreneurs and start-up people who are more focusing on overnight money making sources. Well, we all know nothing comes overnight but looking at the business world around us, no one has the patience to give 4 to 5 years into brand making and then thinking of profits. Within less than a year or two brands, today get the highest popularity. They use all their charm and create the maximum profits, later years are to maintain that tremendous growth and launch more brands. Thus, their immediate focus is on selling off their product or services and get the maximum attention.

Once upon a time, every blogger or a website owner was going google ad words way to make more money. Now this comes secondary to them and thus they overcome the easiest and high potential money making stream.

Do you know 70% of the google profit is coming through Adwords? This is clear that google is generating a lot of revenue by publishing ads on our blogs and websites. A part of this revenue comes from your blog. The numbers you see can be very little for a day or insignificant for a month but if you collect them for all seasons in a year, the number will be good enough.

I agree filling up your website page with ads is a bit tacky and losses your credibility with your audience. But hey who doesn’t need some funding? And we are smart and creative enough to display the right amount of ads and not annoy our audience with the location. It can be done in a very intelligent way.

Focus on this lost option on your site and make the most of it. Google Adwords is still very very powerful.

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