Embrace the mess

Embrace the mess

We are artists.
We are full of ideas.
Our diaries are messy.
We are fussy with choices.
We can tell things precisely.
We are active at 2 am
We need a nap at 8 am.
Our phones are full of screenshots.
Our goals shinning on boards.
We want this, we want that.
We interact and make friends.
We subscribe to nearly everything.
We dream and desire
one day we will inspire.

This short messy poem is for all those entrepreneurs, freelancers, artists, home based business people who are continuoulsy thinking and doing things. They know no limits, they keep on doing and finding a way to their dreams.

“Being in this mess, makes you imperfectly perfect. You own this”

Cheers to everyone of you

PS: If this makes sense, please share it for those who may also appreciate and are lovely in their own unique mess.

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