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  • Do things. Feel Alive

    Do Things Feel alive

    Do something that keeps you alive.

    Stuffed inside your comfy sofa, chilling with music, having a cup of coffee in one hand and following internet celebs for what they are upto. Taking screenshots and making notes of almost everything. If you believe you are working, then let me tell you – its nothing. It can be anything  but doing !

    Enough of absorbing things and talking great about what others have done.  Please stop looking at what millennials are doing. What are their work ethics. How large or easily available network they have. See how carelessly they are taking risks, churning out their creativeness and consistently giving out new every time.  You might be in 20s or just entering in your 30s. Well, you might have experienced your market for more than 2 decades and now in 40s. It doesn’t even matter.

    Start doing things, yourself. Jump onto the wagon, make mistakes and see what works for you.  Put your hands on that “Enter” button and do it now. There are no books, no laid rules about how to progress. Of course there are theories, some well executed case studies that you can follow and plan your thing. If you have absorbed tons and tons of knowledge, your next craving should be to get that into your work.

    Everyone is a learner. But as a Entrepreneur / a startup guy / freelancer / artist / blogger / influencer our working should not stop because we are still-learning-so-taking-break phase.

    Keep doing things.
    Learn the best while doing.
    Doing is what makes feel alive.

    More power to you

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  • Embrace the mess

    Embrace the mess

    We are artists.
    We are full of ideas.
    Our diaries are messy.
    We are fussy with choices.
    We can tell things precisely.
    We are active at 2 am
    We need a nap at 8 am.
    Our phones are full of screenshots.
    Our goals shinning on boards.
    We want this, we want that.
    We interact and make friends.
    We subscribe to nearly everything.
    We dream and desire
    one day we will inspire.

    This short messy poem is for all those entrepreneurs, freelancers, artists, home based business people who are continuoulsy thinking and doing things. They know no limits, they keep on doing and finding a way to their dreams.

    “Being in this mess, makes you imperfectly perfect. You own this”

    Cheers to everyone of you

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  • 99 things that did not work out

    The key is in those 99 things that did not work out.

    99 things

    “Once upon a time there was a King and his Queen, they had a vision of serene and prosperous kingdom where only love flows … and then they made this happen.”

    Viral stories. Profitable Business Models.  Celebrity Start Ups.  Flood of  Followers. .. Nothing just happen overnight, neither there is any coined strategy for this. Just look at all those 99 things that are not working out for you, analyse them, find some missing directions and you will yourself create that ONE thing which works out !!

    I have got 99 problems and failure is none of them.

    There is absolutely no one who has reached their desired destination in first shot. For success there might be 99 things that have gone wrong. Don’t see them as failures and then eventually go on to  reject the whole idea or method in your due course of action. Sit back, relax and observe them again. Learn why these 99 things failed. Which direction you missed and how close were you.

    These 99 things that did not work out are important. Go back to all the ideas you listed in initial stage, who knows you may find some hidden treasure there.  You can be either an entrepreneur, a freelancer,  a home based start-up or may be a creative genius artist.  You all have burned your midnight oil in statistics, targets, data sheets and what not ! You have buried your days travelling and meeting people for real or in virtual world (browsing, searching  and interacting  thousands through social media). Shouted your USPs like crazy and shower for longer hours to create new master plans. You have partied on Saturday nights to chill down, pour all your heart in your work but still got injured and success looks like a little away.

    You read case studies and success stories, they are all about that 1 thing which took the person to success. I am trying to make you re think that you are trying but still not taking you to success and find those 99 things in all those success stories you are reading.

    The King and Queen have travelled the journey well with their 99 things in those small 3 dots, you never got to see them.

    Good Luck.


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  • Case Study: Twitter Customer Service by British Airways

    Case Study: Twitter Customer Service by British Airways, we love.

    Twitter customer service

    When you are providing services, you are prone to people asking for weird and almost absurd requests. Sometimes they come up with genuine questions that are nowhere related to your line of business but for the humanity sake, you so want to reply them.

    Talking about the digital world and digital marketing, Twitter is a social media platform that no service company can think to ignore. The prompt replies and being humble on twitter is important. British Airways showed that being a little funny yet concerned about people (or their customers) doesn’t hurt a bit and might help them with their doubts.

    It all happens when a woman asked a question to Britsih Airways about carrying some baggage.

    And Britsih Airways questioned them back, sticking to their baggage policy.


    The conversation kick started and she came back with this

    Looking at some seriousness of the tweet, BA come back and really helped her in unpacking some her not required baggage.


    BA made an effort to make her feel better

    She appreciated their effort, just like us. js


    Isn’t sweet? British Airways well done !!


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