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  • Good in Goodbyes – Vodafone Eco Pond

    Ganeshotsav is celebrated with enthusiasm and excitement across India especially in Maharashtra. The 10 days festivities begins with establishing Lord Ganesha’s Idol at home and ends with its Viserjan. Vodafone wanted to partake in the celebration this year by centring it on its core value of innovation and sustainable living.

    In last few years, there has been an increased awareness about water pollution caused by visarjan which are made out of Plaster of Paris (PoP). It takes several months to totally dissolve Ganesh Idols made up of PoP into water.

    Vodafone wanted to address the issue in its own unique way, hence the concept of Eco-ponds. #GoodinGoodbyes

    Vodafone aim is always to transform societies through its product and services and contribute to more sustainable living. Through this initiative Vodafone wanted uphold the religious sentiments of the people and help them conclude the festivities on a good note. The colors used in decoration of idols contain harmful chemicals containing mercury, lead which leaks into water as idol dissolves. It kills aquatic plants and marine life, damaging ecosystem under water.

    The initiative would help Vodafone to be identified as a dependable brand. It would be critical for building strong emotional connect with the people for long-term customer loyalty.

    The Eco-pond is technology driven and uses (IOT) device which helps track the water level in it once the Ganpati idol is immersed. The concerned family/Housing society/Organizing Committee also get a SMS alert.

    Vodafone team partnered with NCL and the latter provided them with a solution of ammonium carbonate that dissolves the idol and leaves the sludge, which can be later filtered and re-used to make chalks and other products. The brand teams studied on how much chemical solution would be needed to immerse Ganpati idols. The weighing machine also helps the NCL and Vodafone ascertain on how much chemical solution is needed to dissolve the idols once they are immersed in the pond. Once the pond is full, it is replaced with other pond and the first one would be cleaned and re-used.

    On the other hand, the brand has also set an Aarti stand as people perform puja before immersing the idol in the water. So, once they keep the idol on the Aarti stand, it will weigh the idol and then calculate on how much solution is needed to dissolve the total number of idols in the pond.


    8 Vodafone stores are dedicated to carry out the activity. Vodafone stores located at JM Road, Hirabaug, Wakdewadi, Aundh, Karve Road, NIBM Road, Kalyaninagar and Kharadi are equipped with Vodafone Eco-Ponds .

    Further to this, devotees can also dial 7391000000 to locate all the Vodafone Eco-Ponds.



  • Love writing but self-promotion isn’t your cup of tea? Check Indibeam.

    Love writing but self-promotion isn’t your cup of tea? Indibeam is to your rescue!

    SillySense proudly introduces Indibeam as it’s Publishing Partner.


    Introducing Indibeam 
    Started in June 2017, Indibeam aims at proving an easy platform to budding writers who want to showcase their work. It provides a free and easy to use online publishing platform to writers, which in turn helps Indibeam offer a variety of content to its readers.

    If you have thoughts and always wish of compiling them on blogs and see how people find it but at the same time do not want to get into a blog’s technicalities, Indibeam is a place for you.


    Idea behind Indibeam

    The four co-founders believe that there is immense writing talent in India and the only thing holding them back was a platform. Let’s face it, not every great writer knows how to become a great blogger. Even if they join platforms like Blogger and WordPress, very little really know how to promote their blogs and reach out to the right people.
    With Indibeam writers will just have to worry about brushing up their writing skills whilst Indibeam takes the responsibility to show it to the readers who would understand and appreciate that kind of work.
    Every business today has some sort of online presence and there is a great demand for talented content writers who can make these businesses stand out. Through Indibeam, such businesses can spot talent and reach out to them.

    Who are behind?

    The four co-founders Rahul Prajapati (Digital Marketer), Abhishek Jungi (Digital Marketer), Jignesh Patel (Web Developer), and last but not the least, Hiren Brahmbhatt (Creative Writer), along with one web developer together manage its operations.


    Facebook Page:

  • Father’s Day Ft Keventers #MYDADDYCOOLEST Challenge

    Father’s Day is here and someone is making it cool with Keventers #MYDADDYCOOLEST Challenge. What can be better than challenging your father for milkshake chugging on this sunny afternoon right before an Epic ICC Champion’s Trophy 2017 Finale between India – Pakistan!

    Before I spill out on the competition, allow me to share a cool video that I made using still from my last road trip to Rajasthan with my dad. Why this video, you may ask, because I am far away in another city 🙁

    In a move to make dads across India feel super special in the coolest way, my favorite milkshake brand, Keventers has organized a milkshake chugging contest across all its outlets on June 17 and 18.

    Celebrating the myriad relationships each of us have with our fathers, whether it’s a love-hate one, a fun one or that of a best friend, Keventers is inviting customers across India to prove whose daddy is literally the coolest.

    How to Participate in Keventers #MYDADDYCOOLEST Challenge?

    Keventers #MYDADDYCOOLEST Challenge
    To participate in the contest what one needs to do is simple. Just walk into any of the 100+ Keventers outlets across India with your dad, order the shakes and challenge him for an impromptu chugging competition. Have a friend record the competition and post it with the hashtag #MYDADDYCOOLEST on the Keventers Facebook page and Twitter handle.

    At the culmination of this competition, three lucky winning dads will get exclusively curated hampers from Keventers.

    Share your pictures!


  • Father’s Day ft Casio Edifice Watch

    Father’s Day ft Casio Edifice Watch

    I have always been a star gazed admirer of wrist watches. Since the time I was in 10th standard I have seen watches as a symbol of possessing a strong personality and clarity of life. I don’t know the source of such thought in my mind, but yes watches for me are special, I owe them a lot to ooze out confidence in me. Yeah, Watches are that important to me. (*Like how Priyanka makes you feel success by introducing a mouth freshener*)

    Currently, I own 5 watches and except one, all are men’s watches. I am obsessed with big dials and simple textures straps around my wrists.

    This Father’s Day, I would gift my dad memories that he has created with me in my childhood. Of all the times he has allowed me to wear his watch in school and let me flaunt my swag! A new Casio Edifice watch is a perfect gift option for this moment, this year.

    This Edifice collection gives a feeling of motorsports. The timepiece is classy and an ideal gift you can borrow back from your father. The design is subtle and is available in two variants. – Stainless Steel and Genuine Leather.

    The Casio Edifice Watch feature 100-meter water resistant body, making it ultimately rough and tough wear. The dial surface of the timepiece is inspired by the carbon fibre structure, which depicts strong and light weight built quality.

    The dial further supports three sub-dials, which features date, day and 24-hour indicator so that your dad stays up with date and time, at any time when an Edifice is on. Furthermore, the watch features a Retrograde Chronograph and 1/10-second stopwatch. Get one Edifice for your dad and earn that priceless smile.

    Let me know what you are gifting your father on Father’s Day.


  • Forcing Love

    Relationships are fragile especially in a snap chat generation of today. You can be open for love, trust the person but at the same time insecure of the future, the series of ‘what if’ questions haunt you … hang in there .. hold yourself and don’t drive them crazy them for anything ……

    You can’t force consistency.
    You can’t force attention.
    You can’t force effort.
    You can’t force chemistry.
    You can’t force understanding.
    You can’t force patience.
    You can’t force loyalty.
    You can’t force honesty.
    You can’t force trust.
    You can’t force commitment.
    You can’t force a connection.

    The love that used to be there is no longer there and it hasn’t been for awhile and as much as you want it back, you can’t force it to happen because by forcing it, you’re only making things worse.

    You’re actually forcing other things to happen.
    You’re only driving him/her further away you.
    You’re only causing more distance between you two.
    You’re only building more resentment towards one another. You’re only giving him/her more reasons to not care.
    You’re only showing him/her how controlling you can be.
    You’re only implying how desperate you are.
    Don’t do that to them, but more importantly, don’t do that to yourself.

    To you, you’re fighting to make things work and to save the relationship, but the truth is you’re only disappointing yourself when things don’t meet the expectations you’ve set and that’ll only hurt you more. Please, don’t hurt yourself for someone who genuinely wouldn’t be affected too deeply if it were to end because it isn’t worth it and it stopped being worth it awhile ago and deep down, you know it did. He/She may love you enough to stay with you, but he/she doesn’t love you enough to make you feel loved every day anymore, and that’s not someone you should waste anymore of yourself with. So, stop forcing love because it’s either there or it isn’t and if it isn’t, you shouldn’t be either.


  • India Runway Week New Delhi, Season 8 – April 28-30, 2017

    For those little fashionistas in us, there is some great news. The 8th season of India Runaway Week is happening in Delhi and starting from April 28, 2017.  Make your weekend plans because no matter how big the India Runway Week gets, there you will always find fresh new names and lot more fresh swag. And yes, of course, the old designers that we can’t stop going gaga over will continue this season too.

    This year theme: Weavers at Centre Stage on 8th season of India Runaway week.

    Date- 28th- 30th April 2017
    Venue- Thyagraj Stadium, New Delhi.

    India Runway Week

    The weavers of India are its biggest assets. Indian hand woven fabrics are popular all over the world and they have been known since time immemorial. India was exporting textiles to most parts of the civilized world in ancient times but throughout history and in the current situation, there is evidence that shows that weavers have always been a victim of a staunch hierarchical system. Being at the bottom of the system they fall prey to the extreme forms of exploitation.

    To raise voice for weavers and generating livelihood for hundreds of such rural artisans there are some identified organizations who promise to take an effective step. These organizations made a significant contribution to the lives of the artisans especially women who are working with it. They are geared up to help and improve weaver’s economic as well as social status.

    Indian Federation for fashion Development has joined hand with four of these organizations i.e Rangsutra, SoCHE, Banka Silk, and Gestures by Kriti who will present the work of artisans at current season of India Runway Week Summer 2017 ramp which is starting from 28th of April to 30th of April 2017. These identified organizations strive to bring the traditions of India to customers all around the world with its unique creations and products. It not only helps its artisans become wage earners but also spreads awareness about the traditional crafts of the region, thus helping preserve a rich part of India’s national cultural heritage.

    “The purpose of this show is to raise the current conditions of the weavers and to propose the importance of such organizations and social security to the custodians of this ageless art.” Said by Fashion director, Kiran Kheva, India Runway Week

    India Runway Week 2017 

    Rangsutra is a craft company of thousand artisans from remote regions of India – the desert regions of Rajasthan and plains of Eastern Uttar Pradesh whereas SoCHE is reviving this languishing and less popular hand embroidery practiced by women around the border areas of Barmer. Banka Silk on other hand is imparting the required skills to the weaver’s community of Banka, connecting them with the markets and helps create an Eco-system wherein the weaver’s community can become self-sustainable. And lastly Gestures by Kriti is a livelihood support and outreach initiative that began in 1999, to promote ethical, sustainable and socially conscious thinking & buying of ‘community made’ products.


  • Vivo launches V5 plus limited edition to celebrate 10 years of IPL

    Vivo, the title sponsor of Twenty20 Indian Premier League since last year, launches its V5 Plus limited edition Matte Black smartphone to celebrate 10 years of IPL. VIVO and IPL aim at achieving the highest of standards through this product that has already created ripples in the market, thanks to its already attractive features. It is exclusively made to glorify the spirit of cricket in India. As we all know that Cricket in India is not just seen as a sport but is observed as a deity and celebrated as a festival. In a country like ours, a phone that is wholeheartedly made to celebrate and honour our favourite sport, also honouring our enthusiasm is sure to win hearts.

    V5 plus limited edition - 1The matte black V5 Plus smart phone sports the VIVOIPL logo as the token celebration of ten years of the pure craziness of IPL spirit. This, apart from other attractive features, is sure to attract a lot of attention from the cricket crazy world. It is a joint effort of VIVO and IPL to give the best possible experience to the cricket crazy audience. The phone has attracted a lot of attention for its high-quality music and the first ever dual front facing camera give the perfect selfie experience. This makes it the best selfie-taking phone among all the others. It has a primary front camera of 20 MP and a secondary camera of 8 MP. Apart from having all other features and filters that the other phones have, it is known for the Bokeh feature. The two front-facing lenses make it possible to click a high quality and sharp focussed selfie with a blurred background. The focus and blurriness could be adjusted by simply changing the aperture. It is user-friendly and makes sure to click the best ever selfie.

    V5 plus limited edition - 2
    The phone looks sleek and light but it is definitely not to be confused with being fragile, as it is equipped with a gorilla glass by Corning that makes it strong and keeps it safe from any damage. It is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 octa- core CPU, which allows it to execute instructions making the multi-tasking efficient and easier. It uses the best available 4G LTE network for faster and easier communication. The 3055 mAh battery ensures its long battery backup. It runs on Funtouch OS 3.0 Operating system based on Android 6.0. It is built in 4G LTE network for high-speed wireless communication.
    The wait for the cricket fans is over. They can reach out to Flipkart, any of the Vivo stores, or any modern trade outlets around the country. The matte black V5 plus limited edition smartphone will be available from April 10th onwards for Rs. 25,990, which definitely is a great deal for this amazing premium smartphone.


  • Let your comfort zone be your happiness

    Let your comfort zone be your happiness

    Khudi ko rakh Khush itna ki gum bhi thak ke puche, zalim kitna tadpayage re .. .

    👀Looking for a reason to take that next step, to go through one more day? 👉Simple, look at your smiling self (old picture or sakshat in front of mirror)

    . 👀Want to end up the argument, get back to normalacy? 👉Genuinely smile and sprinkle happiness in the room. Everything will be sorted. .

    👀Tired, exhausted (physically, mentally, emotionally) 👉 pull yourself together and do something to be instantly happy
    👀 struggling and fighting to seek validation ? 👉 Keep smiling till your eyes shine. Darling your mesmerizing self is the only validation you need. .

    👀 Still falling apart? Feeling you had enough ? 👉 You are right, you had enough, too much of stress, too much of pain and sleepless nights with moist eyes. Now laugh, smile, freshen up and come back. Take a break from Rona dhona.. Khush raho .

    There are zillion of forces to make you feel cranky and believe that you are crappy. There is only one reason to be happy – YOU. .


    Just in case you are finding happiness, talk to me anytime 😍😇😘

    Mahie (@MsEveWill)