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March 13, 2017
  • The Holiday post

    The Holiday post !

    I hope you all had great fun this morning and spent rest of the afternoon in scrubbing yourself well and then loading on lots of moisturizers (& vaseline). Now the day is finally over, allow me to wish you a very happy Holi.

    I dislike holi to an extent that I find it difficult to even reply “Happy Holi” to whats app forwards. Reasons are many – Scary life experiences, eve teasing, fear of gande se colors and basically the whole vibe attaching to it. I am amazed by looking at happy colored pictures on my insta and facebook wall.

    My Holi-day was well spent with back to back movies, dozing off in between, endless snacks coming from the kitchen, amazon prime shopping and finally no bath day !

    Tell me how was your day?

    Till next holi, stay colorful every day !
    Mahie (@MsEveWill)

    (PS: This is not me in the picture, but if I ever play holi, would love to look like this)